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It would be an understatement if I simply said I have been busy. But I won’t let that hold me from this website any more. So why don’t I tell you what’s been going on in music?

Well, first off, this Tuesday is a great day in terms of Rock Album Releases!

Secondly, I have been listening to Ed Sheeran (a 21 year old English/British musician), who released his debut album, “+” a year ago. This album features songs like, “A Team” which has been playing on the radio alot lately, “Drunk” for which the music video is definitely more than interesting, and “Lego House”. The video for Lego House features Rupert Grint and it’s a pretty great video. Ed Sheeran is one of those musicians where every song hits you some where in your mind and heart, even if the lyrics are really simple and it’s an acoustic song. “+” didn’t get very good reviews, even though the song IS really good. However, I like his EP’s even more than I do his album. The songs “Little Bird” “Cold Coffee” and “Miss You” are really good songs, and I think he deserves more credit than he recieved for “+”.

Thirdly, I got my interview with the Orchestral Pop-Rock band Set It Off on YouTube a few days ago and completely forgot to tell anyone about it. Go check it out and I hope you like it ❤

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One More Time!

So, AshTree’s segment needs to be rebooted! I’ll try to pick that back up. My hectic schedule and my laziness is a horrid combination, for the record. But, someone has been the complete opposite! Matt Mcnulty, working with his partner in crime and bandmate Will Tenney and two other great musicans, has come up from scratch with a cover of Maroon 5’s “One More Night”. Don’t get me wrong, the original was amazing (I love Maroon 5 and Adam Levine’s talent is outstanding). I love it so much in fact I will post it on here as well! It has a great beat, although I digress that most of Maroon 5’s lyrics are similar.

This cover was definitely innovative, while keeping the sound really close to Maroon 5’s, Matt and what I will refer to as the gang for this article all contributed vocally and the diversity wasn’t really enough to be distracting but still they were all unique enough to be differentiated. Also, if you listen to the beginning, you can hear a wicked guitar part that’s not in the original. If anything, the video is amusing as well.

Specifically I loved what they did with Christine Galante!

Check them out! Now!

Xoxo Radium

Just Give Me A Reason

Recently P!nk has uploaded lyric videos to all the songs on her new album. I enjoyed her first single, “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”, and went to check out the rest of the songs. I think one of the most impressive tracks was “Just Give Me A Reason.” The song starts out with a slow piano part, with P!nk singing softly. It’s an unfamiliar sound to her, but I think it sounds really pretty.

Then there’s the part where the drums come in and it picks up the pace a little. A voice, a very specific voice, joins in with her melody like Steven Tyler’s sneak appearance in “Misery”. The sound of the sound fits this voice perfectly, and the two- male and female- voices harmonize perfectly. The lyrics fit both musicians, the other being Nate Ruess, the frontman for new popular band Fun. It reminds me of “Some Nights” another song I am absoulutely obsessed with. Fun is definitely bringing around a new sound of music, and P!nk’s voice is beautiful with range and emotion. I love this song and I think that people will remember it for awhile after the album’s popularity is gone.

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AshTree Special: Hey Sally

Have you ever heard a song that just brings up a certain feeling or memory, but you’ve never heard this song before? That’s how I felt listening to Hey Sally, by Aranda. The guitar is mellow and soft, and the drum beat is just enough to keep the tempo, but you can’t bear to change it because it’s a good sound and almost provokes apathy inside you. It’s the music and you, and then the chorus comes around.

It’s real music, with lyrics that mean something, with a vocalist that sounds from the early 80’s, and guitar that sounds like it could be from Red Hot Chili Peppers or Pearl Jam at any given time (if you disagree, don’t patronize me, that’s who I heard through this though). It’s not a very dynamic song persay, but it has depth and I can’t stop listening to it.

Am I just lusting over new amazing music, or have I really found it? Every music-lovers dillema. I have the strangest feeling that if a band who’s first record came out in 2008 can make me feel like I’m listening to a classic, then they have to be doing something right.

Here you go, listen to the whole thing or don’t click it at all ❤

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AshTree, Day 3: The Anthem

Now, I am quite understood that this song isn’t technically on AshTree’s list, but the band is. Good Charlotte is usually the target of great critism for their ’emo’ label (usually by self-entitled ‘indie’ kids), but if they know one things, it’s to make anthems. And The Anthem is definitely their most influential one of all. Honestly, can you hear this song and want to be normal? Can you hear this song and still want to be a doctor or lawyer?

Personally they convey everything that I’ve been trying to tell myself my whole life. Most teenagers can identify with this feeling of never being good enough, never ‘fitting in’- especially in a society where being unique just makes you more boring-, and never wanting to stand down.

The music itself is not without quality, either. Much different, in fact. Sometimes it’s not about long guitar solos or deep powerful notes. Sometimes, it’s about letting go and dancing. And that’s what these riffs are all about. It’s about making you want to do something with your life and your ambition.

Quite frankly, I think that’s what every teenager in this society needs. Right now.

So listen to it guys 🙂 I know this was an awful post, sorry AshTree, but I have another review coming up on a song you might like!

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AshTree, Day 2, Back To Back Back To The Future

          Classic movies, along with awesome music, are one of my specialties. And on AshTree’s list happen to be two hits from the hit movie Back to the Future. That movie, without a doubt, is a must-see and a family favorite. My favorite movie of the trilogy is definitely the original, and one of the reasons why is the music. If the complete entirety of the movie isn’t good enough, the music sure is.

            From “Power of Love”, the first song of the movie and my personal favorite by Huey Lewis and the News, to Michael J. Fox’s theatrical accompaniment to Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode”, and AshTree’s favorite, The Penguin’s “Earth Angel”, there’s never a dull musical moment. There’s a song for every occasion, and let me explain why these songs were so good.

The first big scene of Back to the Future is Marty riding on his skateboard through town. With him is the song “Power of Love”. If you know the words to this song, you know you will be singing it, and if you don’t, you’ll be dancing to it. It definitely gets your attention, and it got Huey Lewis and the News’s their first number one hit. It was written specifically for the movie and I love it.

Then, the next two songs are both featured in the dance scene of the movie. “Earth Angel” is actually when everyone is slow dancing. It was a 1954 song, with rhythm and blues touches to a smooth voice. I don’t think many people would catch on to it in this generation because of our standards and attention span, but it’s a great song regardless.

I want to say that the scene where “Johnny B. Goode” is played makes it even more amazing, but I find that incredibly impossible. Chuck Berry is a great musician, and I think the style of Rock and Roll that he expresses in this song is more than just a popular scene from a classic movie, but a song that anyone anytime anywhere can enjoy. I would have it on my IPod if I didn’t already have too many songs in my library.

I’m going to let you, reader, make the executive decision. I think all these songs are worth hearing and the movie is worth watching. (: What do you think?

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AshTree, Day 1: Dion and the Belmonts

Let’s take a trip, shall we, through the mind of a 15 year old artist who happens to be obsessed with punk-rock and 50’s music at the same time. Let’s take a few days, maybe even a few weeks to observe this music. This strange creature… Honestly though, this girl is a crazy avid fan of mine (and a crazy friend as well), but even my musical library is insignificant in comparison.

Today I listened to Dion and the Belmonts, a quartet pretty famous from the 50’s. Starting with the basics of her favorites, I chose to post my opinions on the tune “Teenager in Love”. This song isn’t your modern catchy song, no heavy guitar or drums, only harmonies and soft bouncy instrumentals. This song really demonstrates the simplicity of good music. The lyrics aren’t complicated and neither are the instrumentals, but the words and music are giving you a good feeling. That’s what music is supposed to do, give you feelings.

The message this song sends almost transcends music and time. Every teenager believes that they are in love at some point of their life. It’s almost natural, and Dion makes this message pretty clear. 60 years have passed and apparently it rings no less true than when it was popular.

Then, for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Cover CD, Red Hot Chili Peppers gave this song a wonderful rendition, sounding almost exactly like the original. Anthony Kiedis does this song a great justice vocally, and the rest of the band follows up well. This song wouldn’t go down on MY forever 50’s list, but tomorrow I’ll talk about a song that did!

Enjoy my dears, and let me know about YOUR music library,

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Hard Rock Cafe

Just to start out, you will never not be happy at a Nearly Deads show. I saw them on Friday at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville, along with The Notion, June Divided, and Comasoft. They are touring with June Divided at the moment, so go check out the dates.

Not exactly their fault, the show started very late, and it being a day of school, I know I was already tired when the first band, the Notion came on stage. They had maybe a little TOO much fun performing. I lost a bit of my interest because they fooled around alot, but their music was just as good as anyone else’s, and the adults seemed to enjoy them. Second up was June Divided, whose sound was so professional that I expected them to be performing in a huge arena, not the small room with not more than 50 people. I was really impressed with them and they did what they came to do, and that was play rock music. They weren’t really into image from what I saw, which made the initial impression even greater when they started playing. Comasoft, a band with real personality and energy, came up third, and the crowd was a little more responsive to Jay’s jumping around, and almost dying by jumping on a piano. They are electronic rock with a hint of 1980’s but all fun.

The Nearly Deads…what do I say about them this time? Oh,yeah, they rock and always will. It’s a great transformation from everyday, really awesome people, to out of this world rock stars when they hit the stage. They had a photoshoot before the show (with brand new shoes!) and their first official encore, where they played The Changeover- which seems to be a fan favorite. And it was also the premier of a brand new song, Brave. I loved the performance as always, and staying up till 2 am was worth it.

Check out these photos that my new friend Maria took with her phone!

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