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Emersions Debut Interview!

Who knew that the only cool thing to do in Clarksville, Tennessee would require a bicycle?! This weekend Clarksville hosted the annual Tour de Ville, a bike ride from The Coup to Nerdhaus with half a dozen stops in between for different activities. One of the biggest attractors of this bike run was the great communicator: music!

Tour de Ville hosted many different bands over the day, but I went to Nerdhaus with a goal: the debut show of Emersions, a self proclaimed “melodic hardcore” band itself. It was only one show, but I have to give it up; this band is original and motivated. I can hardly describe them, which is a great thing, because that means they are original. Their sound is amazing; in order to set a standard for someone, I said a sophisticated Memphis May Fire, but they’ve got the potential to be way more than that! I watched their set, and all of them have real, raw talent in my opinion.

I interviewed them after their performance, and they were some of the nicest people ever. They’re all pretty young, and so I wouldn’t expect a lot of pride or snootiness from them, but the fact that they were so kind and personable makes me think they’ll go far. Trust me, that is the kinds of things people look for in their favorite bands.

All honesty, I think they’re bringing something new to the table and if they’ve got their minds set on it, they’ll go far and they’ll get there quick. Don’t be surprised to see them on my dash again soon! Go like them on facebook and be prepared when they start releasing music!


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The Summer Set: Boomerang Lyric Video

Some songs just get stuck in your head. You try and try but they keep finding their way back to that corner of your mind that has you humming them through hallways and Wal-Marts. That doesn’t mean they’re bad. In fact, the most recent song that I’ve found myself singing is The Summer Set’s “Boomerang”. This song is full of allusions, but I think it’s actually a really cute love song. It’s a upbeat, happy song, and it’s great for dancing.

The song was a good single: catchy, poppy, everything expected for the first song off their new album. I listened to it a few times and enjoyed watching the drum off between Brian and Jess (who just officially opened up about her sexuality, I’m super happy!). But what got me hooked on this song was the adorable lyric video.

I hadn’t even planned on watching this video, but part of it caught my eye. What seems like a boring, normal lyric video turned into the cutest thing I’ve seen in forever. There’s not much criticizing I can do to this video, and not much musical analyzing requiring. I just want you to soak up how adorable this video is.

Much love and I will write more later,


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Paramore: Paramore Album Review

One of the biggest female-fronted bands of this generation and THE biggest female-fronted band of their genre, Franklin-based Paramore seems indestructible. But when the Farro brothers left, many fans weren’t sure of what would happen to the punk-pop group. Would the band fall apart without what fans considered an essential part to the band, or would they- like a phoenix- rise from their metaphorical ashes and come back with the hardest hitting album of their career and 2013?

“Now”, however, all anticipation is over! Two singles and undoubtedly much work later, Paramore is proud to present Paramore, their self-titled album. The title may seem self-absorbed, but it represents the beautiful transformation of maturity the band has gone through, and it expresses their new sound and their new direction.

This is still Paramore. It’s undeniable that change is apparent in these songs, but they are made with love and inspiration, something that I think all fans can appreciate. Whether your favorite song is Misery Business, Emergency, or The Only Exception, you’ll love Paramore.

The album has all sorts of dynamic, with interludes that sound like nevershoutnever with a 50’s flair, tuned that sound inspired by all sorts of artists like My Chemical Romance- who’s “Na Na Na” can be compared to the driving anthem “Now”-, P!nk-whose bluesy vocal style Hayley matches in the meaningful, relatable “Grow Up”, Florence and The Machine- “Last Hope” sounds a lot like the airy style they usually bring to their records, and even Michael Jackson- which the dancing, spiteful “Ain’t It Fun” reminds me of personally. Even “Fast In My Car”, which wasn’t my favorite on the record, sounded like “Automatic Systematic Habit” in its techno characteristics and style.

The album is lyrically important to Hayley, Jeremy, and Taylor, and you can tell that in some form each song is directly from the heart of at least one of them. “Fast In My Car” was definitely a shout out to the Farro brothers, with the lines “  “The three of us were initiates/we had to learn how to deal/ and when we spotted a second chance/ we had to learn how to steal.” My second favorite on the record, “Daydreaming”, has really powerful meaning and most teenagers will be able to connect with the verse, “Not that I won’t remember where I’m from/ Just don’t wanna be here no more”.

There was a pretty big difference in style from not only previous albums but the tracks from this record itself. “Let The Flames Begin” doesn’t really stand out, and neither does “Hate To See Your Heart Break”, or “Future”, but they are the songs you really have to listen to in order to appreciate. I will point out that the almost tango “(One of Those) Crazy Girls” is only distinctive because the lyrics throw you off like Blondie’s “One Way (Or Another)”. Contrary-wise, there are a few songs that are just super upbeat and perfect for dancing. “Anklebiters” has a really punk rock beginning and would be perfect for a jumping crowd, and “Proof” has the bite that reminds me of “Feeling Sorry”, along with “Be Alone”. My personal favorite was the upbeat love song, “Still Into You” which had an Aerosmith edge with style and an impressive bridge that is the pinnacle of Hayley’s vocals for the album in my opinion.

In some ways, Paramore is a lot more pop then older albums, but it’s heartfelt and determined, and you can tell the trio put in a lot of work to make this exactly what they wanted and what they thought would be the best direction. Because of its diversity, not everyone is going to have the same favorite and least favorite songs from this album, but that’s what makes it even better. Everyone is going to love the album for different reasons, and everyone is going to connect with a different song. I love it and think it’s safe to say it has definitely set the bar for future music they will make.

What do you think?

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Tears and a Headache

Do you ever have a moment of truth when the world comes crashing down on you and time speeds up and you realize that you are really just helpless? This week that’s what had happened to me. I’m leaving the place where I went to middle and most of high school, I’m losing many of my friends to adulthood, middle college, and even to other people. I’m leaving the house where I discovered My Chemical Romance and spent hours painting the walls. I’m leaving the place I learned to march, where I learned to play percussion.

I just came home from my band banquet and I realized I’m leaving a lot of things that I never thought I’d miss. I’m so pessimistic. I never stop complaining about my no-good friends, my stressful classes, and how tiresome my extracurricular activities are. Most people would make a deal with the devil to start over. But the truth is I’d probably sell my soul to stay. I’m hopeful for the future, but I’m actually deathly afraid that I’ll end up the same position I am now. It would be confirmation that everyone really is better than me, it would prove that it’s not where I am now or the friends I’ve chosen to stay with that make my life as difficult as it is. It would prove to me that I’m the one that’s the failure.

There’s nothing I can do to change this. My situation is set in stone, and while I’m terrified, I also know this is my one chance. I’d love to think the people in my past love me and would hold onto me- especially because I’m only switching schools and moving less than an hour away- but I know that I’ve got to fix myself before August or deal with another miserable year. It’s funny because right now the lines “maybe it’s not my weekend, but it’s gonna be my year” kind of represent what I’m going for in this statement.

I’m going to do the only thing I think I can do. I’m going to try to go to as many shows as possible, listen to as many records as possible, and write about them. At the same time, I also am endeavoring in learning every instrument I can get my hands on as well as writing songs and stories. I’ll try to keep this blog as professional as possible, but every once in a while I’ll make sure to remind myself through this website to keep my head up and keep running.

This is not music related in the slightest, but I think I have a few songs that represent the way I’m feeling right now. I hope you listen to them and can relate to them yourself. Oh, recommendations are always welcome ❤

I love you all, especially those of you reading this and taking it to heart.

Thank you.


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The Gift

Even with the love for music that I hold deep in my heart, few songs truly invoke a passion that I keep with me through the years. As a young child, I don’t think I ever conceived an idea of good or bad music. I simply enjoyed some songs, and it wasn’t until I reached a certain age- right around getting my first acoustic guitar and beginning concert band- that I realized the importance of great composition in a song.

Every genre of music has different standards in composition. A techno song with a phenomenal guitar solo does not automatically make it a great techno song. While there are many sub-genres of rock, I have firmly believed that rock and roll will always be as such. One band I grew up with was Seether; an “alternative metal” band out of South Africa. It took awhile for my younger self to accept the idea of white Africans. Now that I’ve taken European History, it makes a lot more sense.

When I got my first guitar, I learned a few licks that got boring very quickly. But after hearing “The Gift” by Seether with different ears, I was entranced. The song isn’t soft and beautiful, or hard and emotional. It’s somewhere in between otherworldly and painful. The guitar part that begins the song is mystifying, simple picking rather than power chords or fast strumming. A drum roll leads into the second guitar, which plays a mini-solo that pulls on my heartstrings, leading up to Shaun Morgan’s entrance.

His voice is deep, but it’s not abrasive. It has an edge like sandpaper, but not like sheetrock. I love closing my eyes and letting the music fill my head. Wikipedia gives the song a story- from I don’t know where- but I like just feeling the emotional power of the words. This song is still rock, it’s still “alternative metal”. Shaun’s voice becomes strained on the refrain in the chorus, and you can practically see the feelings that went into writing these lyrics. My favorite vocally and lyrically is the second verse. The lines

“I can’t face myself when I wake up
And look inside a mirror
I’m so ashamed of that thing
I suppose I’ll let it go
Until I have something more to say for me
I’m so afraid of defeat”

carry the weight of the world in them, and I could hear that listening to this song. Even the chorus, the hardest part of the song, is still far away seeming. It’s all very focused on the guitar and vocals, which just makes it more beautiful. I wanted to write this, because I know someone who might enjoy this band.

I think Seether’s got major talent as a band, especially from their first two studio albums. The whole group is extremely talented and there’s nothing cookie-cutter about this band. They’ve performed a wide variety of songs and still stayed inside their own means. Let me know what you think! When you listen to it, though, please close your eyes for at least part of it.

The original:

Shaun Morgan playing it unplugged:


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Golden Gods Awards 2013- Corey Taylor

Revolver Magazine was the first music magazine I ever had a subscription to. I realized quickly that I wasn’t nearly as metal as I thought I was, but still enjoyed the magazine. Especially during award time!

This year, I completely forgot about tem until after it was over. I actually didn’t know many of the winners. But watching the footage of Corey Taylor’s victory in the Best Vocalist award was bittersweet, and actually brought me to tears. David Draiman, the lead vocalist of Disturbed and Device presented the award with a great sense of humor.

But it was something else to see Corey Taylor arrive on stage, and barely keep himself composed when he started crying. This man, who has fronted a band that’s scared people like me in past ages, the man who can tour with two of his bands and scream and sing back to back and never lose his voice… This musician has been through over ten albums with both of his bands and done dozens of guest vocals on tracks breaks down over a Golden God Award.

And that means something. It shows humility and it shows that he still has to work for what he has. I think watching this, even if it’s just a few minutes long, opened my eyes because I’ve always looked up to this guy as a vocalist because I always thought he was super hardcore and I loved his music. I think people can learn a lesson from this, honestly.

I just want to say, I have dedicated my life to giving you everything I’ve f**king got. This means to me than anything… Thank you so f**king much.


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Over the past few months I’ve come to grips with the almost haunting reality that my blog, as it stands, will probably never take off and will probably continue to be solely for about half a dozen people’s amusement. Another reality is this: that doesn’t bother me. Discussing music has been a passion of mine for years now. If there’s anything I’m truly passionate about, it’s this website right here.

But doubt and depression has held me down since Christmas, and I barely scrape together articles when the truth is, I’m finding new and old bands weekly! There’s so many converts and festivals to write about! I’ve decided I can only do so much until school lets out, but I’m determined to do the best I can.

A lot of the people going through hard times find solace and relief in music. I am included in this. Sometimes things seem so miserable that you just want win. You’ll never get through it, you tell yourself. That’s not true. Turn to music; let it keep pushing you forward.

I as a person and writer have a lot to learn, but I have something great to look forward to. A friend recently have me some great advice that really spoke to me. That’s why I am going to leave you with this, before I take my next step with this website.

I am not afraid to keep on living.

I am not afraid to walk this world alone.


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