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Hoppus On Music

First of all, I would like to scold my dad for not knowing who Mark Hoppus is. Come on! My dad knows every word to “What’s My Age Again?” But doesn’t know who Mark Hoppus is! Only the awesome singer of punk-rock band Blink-182.
So apparently, Mr. Hoppus got his own TV show, and no one told me. I am extrememly angry. Listen to bands perform every Thursday with the singer of Blink-182? I missed like a whole year of episodes! I’m so angry.
But, thanks to this blog, I know that a certain Frank Iero *cough My Chemical Romance cough cough* And Zacky Vengeance *cough cough Avenged Sevenfold cough* will be on his show this week.
Guess who’s tuning in? Damn right I am!
And by the way, I have a very real cough. It’s been a pain.
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We Are The In Crowd [Feat Alex Gaskarth]- Kiss Me Again

I haven’t listened to We Are The In Crowd before, only heard of them. When a message in my inbox talked about a new music video with a certain Alex Gaskarth, I couldn’t resist. I love All Time Low; I’ve listened to them for what seems like forever. So yeah, of course I checked it out.
I love the lyrics. That’s definitely the first thing that sticks out to me. “It’s been awhile since I’ve felt butterflies.” That line right there sold it for me. “You’re more than a friend; I knew it from the first sight!” I love it I love it I love it! Taylor and Alex both have very mellow voices with a good range that doesn’t top off at ‘siren screech’. Their high notes are still bearable. Most of all, I love the way they smooth together and harmonize. They both have power, but they sing softly throughout most of this song.
The video shows Alex and Taylor, along with the rest of the We Are The In Crowd crew heading home after a long day of fun. Cameron interrupts Alex right before Alex kisses Taylor. Throughout the ride, the members in the back seats lip sync parts of the song, messing around with each other. Alex and Taylor share some exhausted looks in the car. Finally Alex goes and drops Taylor off.
She gets out of the car, and he just looks at her.

Does he do something? Find out!

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Matchbox Twenty: Second Hiatus, Fourth Album

I grew up with Matchbox Twenty. I loved Rob Thomas’s voice; it held emotion and character unique to each song he sang. From a little kid I would listen to them, whether it was to be hyped up for a soccer game, calmed to sleep, or just to focus. In middle school I wanted to sing “Unwell” for the talent show. Let’s just say that didn’t happen. I didn’t even show up for the tryouts I had signed up for.
I didn’t realize at that age the idea of a band breaking up. It sucked for me when I found out they were on hiatus- at that age I didn’t even know what that meant! But then I heard new songs on the radio, and it sounded like Rob Thomas! Sure enough, it was Exile on the Mainstream. And then they broke up again. Rob Thomas went solo, and I followed him through those albums, but then one fateful day, I found news that made my heart lift.
Matchbox Twenty is regrouping after their SECOND hiatus for a fourth album. Rob Thomas doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to release any singles, or even the title of that album, quite frankly, but nevertheless, I am totally stoked over it! One of my favorite bands of all time releasing new material sometime before the world ‘ends’? Awesome!
What do you think?

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My favorite picture of Rob Thomas, completely hands down! ;)

Shinedown’s New Album

Yesterday was the release of a BUNCH of new albums! However, going through the list, there was one that stood out! Amaryllis by Shinedown. I have been waiting for Shinedown’s new album for quite some time now. Revolver was talking about it, I heard Bully on the radio all the time.
Brent Smith, the singer of Shinedown. He has got a voice on him! Such clear notes and great melody, he’s one of the most impressive male singer of this generation. Bully became a huge hit immediately, playing on the radio at least once a day where I’m from. I’ve been listening to Shinedown from the beginning, and I listen to all of their stuff. So I’m excited to hear Amaryllis very soon! 12 tracks of awesomeness coming up! (Fun weird fact: The bassist of Shinedown’s last name is Bass).

Soundgarden’s New Album

We are deep in anticipation, as a 22 second long- ONLY 22 SECONDS!- snippet of their new song that will be featured on the Avengers movie was recently released by Soundgarden. It is their first released music in 15 years.
I, actually, did not know this. I have a good deal of Soundgarden on my Ipod. My dad has like, a man-crush on Chris Cornell. I don’t blame him, Cornell has an amazing voice. But I never stopped to consider that they hadn’t made music since around the time I was born! It makes me feel very old school.
The snippet doesn’t include vocals, but the rest of the band hasn’t seemed to slow down at all, the music ‘sounded’ (wink wink) right on que.
I’m super excited for The Avengers movie as it is, and I will be waiting quietly and patiently (or maybe not so patient) for Soundgarden to come on. I hope it’s a really epic fight scene!

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I Won’t Go Down By Myself, But I’ll Go Down With My Friends

It wasn’t long ago when one of my best friends, Lauryn, was taken from me. Things happened that I know she’d rather me not talk about. She’s right down the street from me, but she’s not in my school. Long story short, she’s sick. She was one of my best friends, now she doesn’t remember much about our friendship, despite the strength of it. It’s hard for me to remind her how much I care about her. She was a very important part of my life. I decided to make a list of songs that my friends and I think remind us of her. Most of them are mine, I know, but here they are!

1.) Anything Michael Jackson. Lauryn loved Michael Jackson. She had everything of his. And Dragonball Z. She loved that too. But she loved Michael Jackson most. Everyone agrees that he definitely sums up who she was. She was a great inspiration, and an angelic singer. I thought she was amazing. Perfect.

A few people mentioned Billie Jean and Smooth Criminal  So here they are! Also Man in the Mirror, because Lauryn often reminds me to look to myself when times get rough.

2.) Stop and Stare by One Republic. It’s a sad song. I would love for her to be able to do what she wants. I would give anything to give her what’s fair. She deserves better.

3.) Sexy and I Know It. I am blaming Bri for this one. I don’t know why she would say this reminds her of Lauryn, but it’s what she said. Maybe because Lauryn is silly sometimes. Unfortunately I am not putting this song on here; it’s just a personal preference.

4.) Magic Dance! I’m secretly David Bowie and Lauryn is secretly Michael Jackson, but shhh don’t tell anyone. A great number from Labyrinth, I remember Lauryn and me yelling to each other across hallways. “You remind me of the man!” “What man!” Etc, and etc. Ironic because we are both girls, but who cares?

5.) How To Save A Life, the Fray. This song isn’t completely true. She’s alive, and hopefully with no intent to kill herself. But if she was, I would stay up all night to save her. It’s more of a song about trust and faith and loyalty to me. Not the situation, but the fact that he cared so much about that person. And I care that much about Lauryn, and maybe more.

6.) Welcome To The Black Parade. My Chemical Romance. I remember last year, she saw My Chemical Romance drawn on my binder. She told me about how she used listen to them a lot. Then one day, during school, I was feeling down and depressed. As I was washing my hands, looking down to the ground, she walked by singing. I joined in. That was maybe one of my most favorite moments with her. It was a great feeling.

Lauryn loved music. She was a musician through and through and I know she would have become the best of the best. I still think she has it in her to do whatever she wants.

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Nevershoutnever :)

I love Nevershoutnever. More often than not, Christofer Drew will be one of the other artists I talk about all the time. But I just rewatched “On The Brightside”.

It carries an amazing message that I believe everyone should follow. I love this man to death, his music is magical.

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Hot Chelle Rae: Honestly Just Doesn’t Care

Hot Chelle Rae! A new and upcoming band from Nashville, TN!
I remember having Bleed on my Ipod, although I can’t remember where I got it or why. I don’t even think I listened to it. I just skipped it, imagining someday I’d take it off my Ipod. Then I had someone tell me it was good. Again I blew it off.
Now I listen to it a good deal. I really like Hot Chelle Rae, mostly because of the energy in their music and catchy tunes. Today I listened to “Honestly”, Hot Chelle Rae’s HOTTTT new single.
Here’s the video!

I disliked this girl from the very beginning. I mean, I would be sitting with that boy beating him at a video game if I was his girlfriend ;D But that’s just me. I like games. And I would NEVER do that stupid crap that she did. Just pointing that out.

I like the song! What about you? Do you think her actions were justified?

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Why The World Needs More Musicians

A musician holds the world in their hands as they perform. They have one of the most pure forms of magic in their hands, whether it’s a microphone, guitar, or even a classical instrument. Even someone with a pencil, hitting on their desk rhythmically. That’s where it starts. Music is a form of expression, a way of communication.
There’s an awesome feeling when your favorite song comes on the radio. It’s your favorite song for a reason, right? Maybe it’s your favorite artist, or maybe just the message it sends. Maybe it’s just an extreme feelgood favorite. Whatever the reason, your heart starts pounding and you have the urge to turn it up. Why? Because it means something to you. It’s your favorite song.
Despite the rush and thrill of your favorite song, or listening to your favorite band, there is something purely godlike when the magic is right in front of you. Have you ever watched someone just play guitar or sing? Closing their eyes and feeling the music down to their toes, and you do the same just listening to them? Have you ever stood in front of the stage of a concert and felt the music reverberate through you?
They do that because they want to. It’s that passion for music, that passion for pure art that famous musicians transform into a cosmic stage presence that can tear down arenas.
And watching your favorite band perform, is magic of the highest degree.

So tell me my nonexsistent auidience, why do YOU think the world needs more musicians? What are your favorite bands or songs? When have you felt that stage prescence in a musician? Tell me what you think magic is 🙂

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Korn and Skrillex blow our minds: Twice!

I’ve been a fan of Korn for years, as I am still growing up with a heavy metal dad. I was never a huge, die-hard fan, but I never denied how awesome they were. In fact, I always thought they were amazing! Then a few months ago I was introduced to Skrillex. One of the best bands to be introduced to ever!
This year at the Grammy’s, Adele took home the only Grammy Skrillex was nominated for, Artist of The Year. I was more than angry at this, for three good reasons. 1) She had already won other Grammy’s, and that definitely seems unfair. 2) There are not enough people open to Dubstep, just because it’s a new style of music. 3) In one year, Adele may have won over the young people of America, but Skrillex won over someone more important: A band that knows what they’re doing and has been doing it for years. In one year, Skrillex and Korn collaborated on TWO singles.
And if I don’t say so myself, I love them. Jonathan Davis’s voice was made for what he does, but mixing Dubstep and ‘Nu’ Metal was an amazing choice and rocks like no tomorrow!
Don’t believe me? Listen to it! Narcissistic Cannibal and Get Up right now!

I’m putting these on my Music page as well, check that out too!

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