I Won’t Go Down By Myself, But I’ll Go Down With My Friends

It wasn’t long ago when one of my best friends, Lauryn, was taken from me. Things happened that I know she’d rather me not talk about. She’s right down the street from me, but she’s not in my school. Long story short, she’s sick. She was one of my best friends, now she doesn’t remember much about our friendship, despite the strength of it. It’s hard for me to remind her how much I care about her. She was a very important part of my life. I decided to make a list of songs that my friends and I think remind us of her. Most of them are mine, I know, but here they are!

1.) Anything Michael Jackson. Lauryn loved Michael Jackson. She had everything of his. And Dragonball Z. She loved that too. But she loved Michael Jackson most. Everyone agrees that he definitely sums up who she was. She was a great inspiration, and an angelic singer. I thought she was amazing. Perfect.

A few people mentioned Billie Jean and Smooth Criminal  So here they are! Also Man in the Mirror, because Lauryn often reminds me to look to myself when times get rough.

2.) Stop and Stare by One Republic. It’s a sad song. I would love for her to be able to do what she wants. I would give anything to give her what’s fair. She deserves better.

3.) Sexy and I Know It. I am blaming Bri for this one. I don’t know why she would say this reminds her of Lauryn, but it’s what she said. Maybe because Lauryn is silly sometimes. Unfortunately I am not putting this song on here; it’s just a personal preference.

4.) Magic Dance! I’m secretly David Bowie and Lauryn is secretly Michael Jackson, but shhh don’t tell anyone. A great number from Labyrinth, I remember Lauryn and me yelling to each other across hallways. “You remind me of the man!” “What man!” Etc, and etc. Ironic because we are both girls, but who cares?

5.) How To Save A Life, the Fray. This song isn’t completely true. She’s alive, and hopefully with no intent to kill herself. But if she was, I would stay up all night to save her. It’s more of a song about trust and faith and loyalty to me. Not the situation, but the fact that he cared so much about that person. And I care that much about Lauryn, and maybe more.

6.) Welcome To The Black Parade. My Chemical Romance. I remember last year, she saw My Chemical Romance drawn on my binder. She told me about how she used listen to them a lot. Then one day, during school, I was feeling down and depressed. As I was washing my hands, looking down to the ground, she walked by singing. I joined in. That was maybe one of my most favorite moments with her. It was a great feeling.

Lauryn loved music. She was a musician through and through and I know she would have become the best of the best. I still think she has it in her to do whatever she wants.

XoXo Radium Rollercoaster


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