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One Headlight

Jordan Witzigreuter, popularly known as The Ready Set, recently came out with a new three-tracked EP, I’ll Be Waiting that contained two original songs and sneaked in a cover of The Wallflower’s 1997 hit “One Headlight”.

While the original is soft and deep, The Ready Set’s take on this song- bringing it up an octave for the majority of the song and bringing in a female vocalist- makes the song almost more emotional, and definitely presents the song such an original way that no one would suspect it wasn’t his own song. It’s lighter and brighter, but I think the weight of the lyrics themselves carry through even in this version.

Probably one of the best things about the original- and of course, the cover- is that the story told in this song means something different to everyone. The song is in whole a large metaphor; the kind of song that you can sit and think about or sing and dance to. Which The Ready Set is really great at doing.

So go check it out, as well as the rest of I’ll Be Waiting and let me know! It’s been awhile since The Ready Set put out any music, it’s nice to know he’s been working hard.

Love you guys!


Radium Rollercoaster


That Was By Who?!

I think that today’s topic is a very serious matter. Have you ever been listening to a song on the radio or some where else, and you really enjoy it and you don’t realize that you know that artist from somewhere else?

For instance, on my Ipod- which still has someone else’s songs on it- there is a song called “Her Eyes” by Pat Monahan. Now, I hadn’t listened to it extensively before last night, but I heard it while studying and I thought it really clicked. I enjoyed it, and when I looked the song up on Google, I got a picture of the lead singer of Train.

That’s right. I completely didn’t recognize his voice! I felt kind of stupid but it made me think of other times I’ve listened to a song produced outside of a vocalist’s main project.

Another song is one I’m sure you’ve heard once or twice- in fact, I rediscovered it in an O’Charleys! “Love Remains The Same” by Gavin Rossdale, whom most people know from Bush. It’s probably agreed that Rossdale’s voice is more recognizable because he’s been around longer, but people who aren’t big fans of Bush may not even recognize his voice!

Maybe you listen to Matchbox Twenty. Rob Thomas is almost as well known for his solo side projects, but when I first heard “Streetcorner Symphony” I didn’t even consider it being the lead singer from Matchbox Twenty. But a few years later when I learned of his career outside of his band, I put two and two together with this song!

Anyways, hopefully this serves as a throwback Tuesday as well as made you think about some of the songs you hear on the radio! Maybe you’ll recognize them next time!


Radium Rollercoaster

The Matter At Hand

Every time I think I’m going to pick this website back up, I fall out of routine. But now that school has started back up, while that means two AP classes and lots of homework, I am determined to make this the best year this blog has ever seen!

And where else better to start than a Monday?

I haven’t been listening to a whole lot of new music, but I’m pretty excited for tomorrow, which will be the release of The Nearly Dead’s newest EP, Survival Guide, their first record out since their signing with Standby Records! I personally can’t wait to play “Changeover” multiple times in sucession. If you guys missed them on 102.9 the Buzz, you will soon know why I love the studio recording of that just as much.

Speaking of which, check out their lyric video for “Brave”, which will be playing at 2pm on 102.9 all week!


Also, for those of you in the area or with enough gas money, The Nearly Deads EP release show will be Friday, August 23rd, at the Rutledge in Nashville, 7pm. No cover charge people! Although I recommend bringing $6 for the EP!

Today, Grace Jeanette (AKA Girl from Na Na Na and Sing) released her cover of “The Light Behind Your Eyes” by My Chemical Romance which was really amazing to listen to because she got to live part of Danger Days with the band, and so this was really an emotional cover for me.


And that basically sums up my Monday music. I’ll try to make up for the weeks I was gone by reviewing all the videos and such that came out, so be prepared.


Those of you that are still supporting me, thank you.


Radium Rollercoaster