That Was By Who?!

I think that today’s topic is a very serious matter. Have you ever been listening to a song on the radio or some where else, and you really enjoy it and you don’t realize that you know that artist from somewhere else?

For instance, on my Ipod- which still has someone else’s songs on it- there is a song called “Her Eyes” by Pat Monahan. Now, I hadn’t listened to it extensively before last night, but I heard it while studying and I thought it really clicked. I enjoyed it, and when I looked the song up on Google, I got a picture of the lead singer of Train.

That’s right. I completely didn’t recognize his voice! I felt kind of stupid but it made me think of other times I’ve listened to a song produced outside of a vocalist’s main project.

Another song is one I’m sure you’ve heard once or twice- in fact, I rediscovered it in an O’Charleys! “Love Remains The Same” by Gavin Rossdale, whom most people know from Bush. It’s probably agreed that Rossdale’s voice is more recognizable because he’s been around longer, but people who aren’t big fans of Bush may not even recognize his voice!

Maybe you listen to Matchbox Twenty. Rob Thomas is almost as well known for his solo side projects, but when I first heard “Streetcorner Symphony” I didn’t even consider it being the lead singer from Matchbox Twenty. But a few years later when I learned of his career outside of his band, I put two and two together with this song!

Anyways, hopefully this serves as a throwback Tuesday as well as made you think about some of the songs you hear on the radio! Maybe you’ll recognize them next time!


Radium Rollercoaster


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