Hello everybody,

You can call me Radium Rollercoaster. I’m a girl, and if you are a fan of My Chemical Romance, you might recognize my alias up there as a Killjoy name. I like all sorts of music, and I want the world’s help to keep everyone up to date with these bands and albums. I am constantly looking for new music, and I can only find so much on my own. So if you have a song or a band that you think is awesome, recommend it to me, and I will listen to them and write about it on a post.

I’ve done a few local bands and interviews, as well as covering venues!

That’s all for now!

  1. Bowling for soup. Just one of those that make me laugh.You have a lot of bands I like already listed on here, which I’d say is a good thing.

    • Of course it is! 🙂 I listen to everything, so eventually you’ll see alot you don’t like on my page, but also alot that you do like. Maybe I’ll open your eyes to the wonderful world of music. Bowling for Soup, very good band. I have a perfect video to put up on my music page! Thank you!

      XoXo Radium Rollercoaster

  2. Hey! My name’s Kevin and I’m in a band called Chasing Bear. We’d love it if you could check us out and maybe give us a review! Just go to facebook.com/ChasingBear. We’d really appreciate it!

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