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Ronnie Radke Joins Deuce For New Single

What do you get when you take two musicians, outcasts of the very bands that made them famous, and have them collaborate? You get an amazing song that I happened to stumble upon on the Free songs on ITunes last week!

Deuce was the singer for rock-rap band Hollywood Undead, until their recent album. According to the current members of the band, Deuce was hard to deal with, and a sort of prima donna while touring. So this year he started he solo career, unmasking himself and setting off from his path of fame to the path of glory.
The former singer of HU, unmasked

A few years ago, Ronnie Radke was kicked out of Escape The Fate because he went to jail because of involvement in a gun shooting. When he ‘escaped’ (not really!), he immediately had bunches of songs that he was ready to turn into music. And therefore Falling In Reverse was formed.
After returning from jail, Ronnie founded Falling In Reverse

Together, they made a single song, titled “Nobody Likes Me”. After buying this on ITunes for free because I recognized the name, I listened to it on my trip to Atlanta this weekend. And it became my jam, so to speak. It has been listened to at least 20 different times.

Check it out!

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Andrew Bird

My interest has definitely taken flight! ;D

My friend Vex and I are definitely two very different people, although we get along quite perfectly. He and I don’t share something that I usually find most important with getting along with people: music tastes. Me being a musically prominent person, I have made him go through so much of my music it isn’t amusing at all. But seldom does he bring up music he likes. Last night he mentioned a certain person: Andrew Bird.
Curiosity poked at me. Vex’s music is always much more easy going, unless it’s much much heavier than my music. He does not seem to find happy mediums. But then again, music is my music, I do not discriminate. So while working on the tons of homework I had to make up for the days I had a virus similar to strep throat (ugh), I looked up that certain person.
I always judge by first sound. I have learned that with Vex’s music, the rest of a song can really surprise you. I looked up Give It Away first. I notice first the lack of viewers. Is this some underground music? I wouldn’t put it past him. The instruments kind of turned me away. I was like, “This sounds really odd.” But Andrew Bird’s voice has a certain charm. Not really music to get you pumped up, but something you could sway back and forth to happily.
By looking at his discography versus his music on YouTube, my idea is that he is a musician who is really focused on the basis of his music, and even though it was obvious that he loves music and makes a lot of it, he doesn’t seem interested on being a popular music figure. Not a bad thing at all. I’ve got respect for that.

Is it me, or does hard work just seem to radiate off this guy? He looks like he could use a break. But ha! Breaks aren't for musicians. Props to you, good sir!

Since he doesn’t seem very popular, I think I should give my readers something to listen to that I’m sure you haven’t before. Take a listen! It’s really unique isn’t it? Not bad though!

^^ Has to be my favorite out of the like, 5 I looked into. I’ll do a follow up on my own time!

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P.s: I’m still looking for suggestions!

[Don’t Forget Your] Weapons: Lostprophet’s New Album, a review

Coming around with their fifth studio album, Lostprophets introduced Weapons on the 2nd of this month. With songs like “Last Train Home”, “4: AM Forever”, and the hard hitting “Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast”, they have a huge fan base. Many people were anticipating this album, waiting for more awesome sound.
Now going back to listen to “thefakesoundofprogress”- their first album- and sounds like “Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja”, the guitar and drums is something similar to Trapt, like “Headstrong”. The vocals were rough and mildly nasally. Still good enough, with a heavy pulse. The second album, “Start Something”, and “Last Train Home”, it’s a mainstream sound. The guitar, the drums, the bass, the vocals, it’s all very mainstream in a modern punk-rock, pop-punk band. This doesn’t make it bad though. “Last Train Home” is energetic and catchy; still a good song and a great album.
The third album was “Liberation Transmission”. This was the album that birthed “Rooftops”. This song is talked about on my inspirational songs and video bit, so if you’re interested, it’s down there vv. Just an awesome song. Also there is “Can’t Catch Tomorrow”. It’s also an upbeat, more punk than rock song. Not completely mainstream in its own right. This album rocked the house, and it’s successor “The Betrayed”- which featured “For He’s A Jolly Good Felon”. This song is upbeat, but lacks a drive that would make the listener want to dance. The song is good, but they are losing their magic.
And then “Weapons.” Choose any song from the last four albums, and then one from the new album, and you’ll hear something missing. I don’t know what it is. Maybe a diehard fan could tell you. But anyone could tell, Lostprophets isn’t due for much more music. They’ve became a cookie cutter band, and no real musical similarity ties these tracks together. Their time is slowly- or rather quickly maybe- running out. There is just a runaway element in this album. I’m not impressed at all.
For Lostprophet’s, their biggest issue is going to be the tension and argueing between their fans. In every corner of “Weapons” fans argue about which albums were best or worst, but the general consensus is this: the fans do not approve of the new album.

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Dubstep and Skrillex’s New EP

I was just messing around on YouTube when I saw a new Skrillex video, “Bangarang”! And I quickly went to check it out. That one track itself totally makes it worth listening. A lot of people look down on Dubstep, especially the unique Skrillex. But really, it’s just techno with a lot of bass. I love it! Skrillex, Chrispy, and Flux Pavillion are good Dubstep bands, and my favorite techno band is Crystal Method.
What techno and Dubstep bands do you love?

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Born This Way? Or A Career Written In Stars?

“I think the word “rock star” has fallen on hard times. It doesn’t mean what it used to mean. It used to mean Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix and Elvis Presley and now it could be the tambourine player from the Goo Goo Dolls. A rock star is bigger than the music they play. You’re interested in who they’re bedding down, what their lifestyle is like- in other words, they’re larger than like figures. The most interesting rock star to come along in the last 20 years hasn’t come from rock at all, and that’s Lady Gaga. That’s a rock star. She’s more rock star than any 10 bands put together: She acts big, is big, knows who she is, and doesn’t give a s**t. That’s a true rock star.”
This was a quote from long-time rock star Gene Simmons of Kiss, in the January/February 2012 edition of the magazine Revolver, when asked “What is a ‘rock star’?” This quote really stuck out to me. Because even though I never really got into Kiss, I know they were really big, and most of the ‘rock stars’ of our time are all talk and outfit and don’t live up to what they say. For Gene Simmons, a huge music figure, to say something like this is not only thought provoking but humbling for most people. Then I realized something.
He’s right. Everyone knows who Lady Gaga is. She’s individual and coarse and she doesn’t sugarcoat her vulgarity. If she wants to talk about sex, she’ll do it in a heartbeat. If she’s going to make a hardcore video, she’s going to go all the way. And that’s the key to her success. No matter what anyone thinks, she does everything 100% and she pushes the world of pop to the limit.
Most people will turn their heads to her vulgarity, her adult content and such. When teenagers are talking about things they don’t know, thinking they are cool, that’s different. Lady Gaga knows what makes her world go round and she won’t lie to you. She’s not young, she’s not innocent, and she doesn’t go for the innocent crowd. She wants the fans that are like her. I think that the fact that she is so true to herself definitely brought the fans.
In the world of mainstream radio, I hardly ever turn it to something I like. When I turn on my radio, it’s country- If I Die Young, Smile, – then Hot For Teacher (definitely a win there!), The Script: For The First Time. Okay, I love the Script. Irish people who can rap and sing nicely. I’ll admit that. But still stuff I know. When the radio comes on playing Yoü and I, I yell at the controller to turn it up. I enjoy Lady Gaga’s singles, and whenever I hear that song, I tell people it is perfect proof of her talent: her range and her melody.
Today I realized: who can really name other Gaga songs? Poker Face, Paparazzi, Judas, Alejandro, Just Dance, You and I, Love Game, etc. Those are all very, very well know Gaga’s. But what about those other tracks on her albums? So I took it upon myself to do a little…research if you will. With the help of Wikipedia and YouTube, I learned a little about Lady Gaga. First off, she has a line of lipstick called Viva Glam Gaga, supporting young women vulnerable to HIV and AIDS. Then I found out that she is indeed bisexual. Surprise to anyone? Not at all. But it is also amazing that she supports her fans so much that she will completely throw it out there. Apparently it makes boys uncomfortable. At least it means they’ll work harder to keep her around, right?
Her unknown music is just as good as the other stuff. She’s different, always happy and poppy and exciting. From her first album, there was a song that I think perfectly describes her, “Paper Gangster”. The whole song is so perfect for my opinion for her, I won’t even bothering to quote it. She just has it.
I leave you with a few questions. What is a true rock star? What makes someone like Lady Gaga so popular? Who do you think is a great musician because of their individuality? What other artists surpass mainstream annoyance into true great music?

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You Have To Live Before You Die Young

            So, a few weeks ago, my boyfriend asked me to check out the song, “Ghost of Perdition.” By Opeth. I wanted to, of course, because he told me to. But at the time, I told myself, “Don’t worry Radium, I’ll watch it later.” And this was what I told myself over and over. I’m pretty busy lately, between school, family, guitar, reading, soccer, and this blog. Honestly though, I know it was no good excuse. Now, after being harshly reminded and feeling guilty about never listening to it, I will do more than listen to it. I will review it. 🙂 Maybe it’ll make some things better.

            Here we go. As I push play, I’m mildly frustrated. Screaming. The guitar is really nice, like he said, but the vocals are not up my alley. And I’ve never denied disliking overall screaming. I like a little of everything, but I anything but love screaming vocals. I just can’t understand the words D: I like the words though, reading them on the YouTube video I found.

            Holy crap! Singing! 😀 I like these vocals J It has a nice beat to it, I’ll give it this. It would make a wicked work out song.  The slow parts are almost entrancing, like you’re watching a really awesome opera and it’s a death scene. That’s how I see it, and then the guitar comes in angelically. Not for long, but worth that small segment.

            Another solo later in the song. They must really like their guitarist. I don’t know anything about Opeth really. At 9:02, those like…4 seconds are definitely my favorite part. I have no idea why. It’s just really cool sounding. That quiet guitar in the back (at the end) makes it sound like a gothic cowboy movie. It has a southern sound in the quiet parts.

            So, my overall opinion: I’d have to get used to it. It’s not bad, and if I like a song, I can deal with screaming. I often do. I like Sleeping With Sirens and Black Veil Brides, and the rest of the song makes the screaming worth listening to. The same goes here. It’s just an unfamiliar song to me and I have the capability to come to enjoy it. And I could, and will do as such.

            Thanks for the new song. It’s good for me to broaden my horizons, and I’m happy to do so.

            Check it out! vv




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More songs and videos!

1.) Avril Lavigne- Wish You Were Here
Avril Lavigne is beautiful, even when she is crying with makeup smudging. That’s just my opinion. I’ve grown up listening to Avril Lavigne, and I’m not sure if she’s aged any in those past what, 9 years in the music business? Maybe it’s just another love song, but Avril really gives everything into every song that she does, especially the sad slow ones.
What song reminds you of someone you haven’t seen in awhile?

2.) No Matter What- Papa Roach
This song is obviously a love song, but watching the video, you see another type of love. “Everybody said that we would never last,” It’s talking about a relationship, but think of Jacoby’s band. Do you think everyone assumed he’d make it big? Do you think everyone thought that he and his love would last? No, but they did apparently. I like this song because there is no girl. It is the band fighting together for their lives, and it says something about family.
What would you do for your ‘family’ or loved one?

3.) Secret Valentine by We The Kings
“We’ll write a song that turns out the lights.” When he is whispering these words in the beginning of the video, you automatically know it’s going to be awesome. Every verse speaks in a different way to me, but this is just a really sweet fun video. Travis adds emotion and happiness to this song, with emphasis on just the right words. It may not be 100% inspirational, but it’s a great song with a video that actually means something.
What is your favorite love song?

4.) Rooftops- Lostprophets
I don’t remember the first time I saw this video, but I remember the feeling it imbued in me. With curiosity, I watched these boys and girls in their story. I remember being entranced, frozen, and yet built up with energy. The girl is quiet, with parents who argue. The blonde is being yelled at by his probably disappointed father. And the last boy just can’t get a break at work. The dark haired boy I had thought was really cute. But looking past that, the message of the song is there without even watching the video. It’s encouraging teenagers, actually…anyone! They encourage anyone just to shout out their feelings. I cried the first time I watched it. But later this very song would help me keep my cool when I had problems with my family.
What song gets you through hard times?

5.) It Ends Tonight- All American Rejects
Even if the video doesn’t make much sense, the song alone may make you cry. I was surprised when I first saw the singer of All American Rejects. He looks like a football player. But his voice is so high and filled with liveliness. It’s the band buying fireworks and messing with them in an empty field.
Can you find meaning here?

6.) Your Guardian Angel- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
When the singer gets more hyped, he reminds me a lot like Sebastian Bach, I don’t really care what anyone else things about this. But this song is a lot more than his vocal power. He pulls off soft and sweet notes throughout three quarters of this song. It’s a song about love, a powerful thing. He puts so much emotion into the song; it honestly could bring me to tears just thinking about it. It’s completely dedicated in the lyrics, whoever wrote this song was really in love with the other person.
Who’s your guardian angel?

Thank you 😀
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Inspirational Music Videos

Inspirational Songs and/or Videos
I’m a big softie. Most people realize that really quickly with me. In school I couldn’t sit and watch Metallica’s “One”, and many people saw it. It is an awesome song and video, but I try to keep myself far, far away from it. I cry easily at books, movies, and especially music videos. Sometimes I like to look for music that inspires me or makes me sad. The video adds a lot of things to the video. Like, in my opinion, Skrillex’s videos scare the crap out of me. I try not watching them. But there are a lot of different videos and songs that are inspirational for different reasons. Here are a few. I will probably put up a few different additions to this, because my list was pretty long.
1.) How To Save A Life- The Fray

I mean, have you seen this video? I like the effort behind the video, it’s nice. But for me, what hits home is the way they tell the story. Every time I hear it, I feel like I’m trying to talk one of my own friends out of suicide. It’s a good song as far as quality and amazing in morals.
2.) Civil War- Guns N’ Roses

“What’s so civil about war anyways?” Asks Guns N’ Roses. A lot of this video is from the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’. I haven’t seen it, but my history teacher is always telling me how awesome it is. I’m pretty sure it will be, because I am going to watch it soon.
You don’t forget the first time you hear a really amazing song. I was cleaning out my mom’s car and trying to find something good on the radio. I know Axl Rose’s voice anywhere, and I did back then. I came in listening during the very last part. And I loved it.
3.) If Today Was Your Last Day- Nickelback

Most people don’t like Nickelback. Que sera sera. But you cannot watch this video and have some pride in this band. It makes you wonder yourself, “What WOULD I do?” In the beginning, I bet you too will underestimate these men. Just keep watching. Looks can be deceiving.
4.) Mirrors- Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars

Many people will automatically look down on this because it’s Hip Hop/ Rap. But if you listen to it, it’s talking about a story of a man who’s not 100% happy with what’s happened in his life, but he looks at it and see’s who he really is. The video isn’t very special, but I love the MJ reference and it makes me tear up every time. I love Bruno Mars and Lil Wayne.
5.) Lighters- Bad Meets Evil and Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars again! Bad Meets Evil is a rap duo consisting of Eminem and Royce da 5’9”. I like this song because it’s talking about the ups and downs of the music world, the world in general, and people who worked through it to make it to the top. Notice Royce says he’s second best and fine with it. I love Eminem’s lyrics; he’s amazing and fits things together brilliantly.
6.) Unity – Shinedown

This song was crazy good! I mean, it’s Shinedown! Their new album rocks, by the way. This video shows none of the band, which if you watch, just shows that this video meant something to them. A little girl goes from place to place taking pictures of people she sees with her small camera. Everytime she takes a picture, she keeps it for a collage she makes. Maybe the song isn’t quite about this, but watching the video, I was watching till the end with tense wonder. I love it!
7.) For The Nights I Can’t Remember- Hedley

Talking about a girl who is there for you through everything only happens so often, whether it is the girl’s fault or the man’s. But Jacob Hoggard definitely gives this girl credit, whoever she REALLY is. It shows him going through struggles, and girl waits just long enough for him to leave before he gets back. So he sits down, and writes her a song. There’s a lot of cute meaning in this song, and I love the slow pulse that it has. Singing along is really fun, but beware, it will get stuck in your head.
8.) Invincible- Hedley and P. Reign

I like Hedley, a lot. Here in America, I don’t know many people how appreciate true good Canadian music. But Hedley makes a lot of it. This song, relatively new, comes with a great meaning and a great video. The first girl that they show has a blanket full of insults that people have called her. There is a girl who has been teased because of her weight. And they both find love. The first girl is actually very, very pretty in my mind. I also noticed she was wearing a Bowie shirt. I don’t think those words were appreciated from anyone. The ‘fat’ girl, isn’t much bigger than I am, and when you see her face, she smiles and just that part inspires me, just to see somebody with those struggles smiling in the face of it. I love the energy Jacob puts into it to sing it, and I love the song in general.