Ronnie Radke Joins Deuce For New Single

What do you get when you take two musicians, outcasts of the very bands that made them famous, and have them collaborate? You get an amazing song that I happened to stumble upon on the Free songs on ITunes last week!

Deuce was the singer for rock-rap band Hollywood Undead, until their recent album. According to the current members of the band, Deuce was hard to deal with, and a sort of prima donna while touring. So this year he started he solo career, unmasking himself and setting off from his path of fame to the path of glory.
The former singer of HU, unmasked

A few years ago, Ronnie Radke was kicked out of Escape The Fate because he went to jail because of involvement in a gun shooting. When he ‘escaped’ (not really!), he immediately had bunches of songs that he was ready to turn into music. And therefore Falling In Reverse was formed.
After returning from jail, Ronnie founded Falling In Reverse

Together, they made a single song, titled “Nobody Likes Me”. After buying this on ITunes for free because I recognized the name, I listened to it on my trip to Atlanta this weekend. And it became my jam, so to speak. It has been listened to at least 20 different times.

Check it out!

XoXo Radium Rollercoaster


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