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And Then… There Was One

Nashville-centered rock band Navaeh (“Pronounced: Nuh-Vay-Uh”) released a new record And Then.. There Was One last fall, and it is definitely the one to get into.  It was unique to hear, because instead of the common rushed, frantic-type sound that most rock bands of this generation seem to have, itt’s paced and balanced without falling back into the “soft rock” category. I loved how it was powerful without being overbearing, and how there was an equilibrium between the instruments and vocals.

And Then... There Was One cover art

I think the tracklisting was pretty important, because it builds up with each track, but while there aren’t any songs that sound like each other, you don’t get any of in-your-face transitions. Although “Let Go” isn’t the driving force the rest of the tracks are, it feels like an introduction, slow and simple. The minimalist instruments complement the lyrics “better off with my head in the cloud, than standing with my feet on the ground”, actually giving it an above-the-clouds feel. The chorus of “Unsatisfied” is both powerful and catchy, and the intro for “Climb” is rhythmic and one of my favorite instrumentals from the EP.  “Face The Lies” is the strongest vocally in both verse and chorus, and “Doesn’t Matter” has an underlying 90’s punk sound that I really enjoyed.

All in all this was a refreshing, easy listen. Thanks guys!

I won’t even try to pick a favorite from this record, but if you want to let me or them know, comment below or go visit them on some form of social media!


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Sleepless Nights

When I began getting into the post-hardcore scene last year, one of the bands I really connected with was Memphis May Fire because of the vocalist Matty Mullins’ lyrics. The first song that stuck with me was “Prove Me Right” because I loved the perspective and how the anger was channeled in a more mature manner- the angry profanity of most bands gets old extremely quick. But that was just one of their songs, and all of them seemed to strike a different chord with me.

I almost hadn’t realized they were working on new material when their second single, “Sleepless Nights”, was released on YouTube. When I heard it, I felt a stronger pull to it than I had any Memphis May Fire song, and it wasn’t the instrumentals. It’s the lyrics, and the way they’re sung that had me captivated when I listened to it.

I’ll try to only highlight my favorite parts- although the whole song is pretty great.

                        “I know that I would never jump,

                        So why can’t I step back from the ledge?”

I really like that part of the verse because I know a lot of people feel this way. Especially as a teenager, when things get difficult you feel yourself being pushed to the limits but you know that you want to keep going, you want to feel happy again. It’s helplessness.

But it’s the first chorus that gets me the most

                       “Why am I terrified of everything I used to love

                        Save me from myself I don’t want to hate who I’ve become

                        Inhale, exhale

                        Why is it so hard to breathe

                        Inhale, exhale

                        Why isn’t this working?!”

There’s something about the uncontrollable emotions that take hold of us sometimes. They change us and shape us, and even when we acknowledge it, it seems like it never gets better.

                      “Tell me that tomorrow when I wake up I’ll be fine,

                        I just want to be myself again

                        I want to know that I’m alive”

It’s a complicated situation to be in as a person, and I was dumbstruck to hear it put down in music with such emotion. The ending surprised me but I really love it.

                       “Please give me peace

                        Give me joy

                        Give me sanity!

                        Give me hope

                        Give me love

                        Give me truth.”

It’s like a plea, and I think the desperate ending is kind of appropriate. I remember just standing there after the song was over, still hearing the words in my head.

I’m really excited to hear Unconditional; Memphis May Fire did great with Challenger but I want to see where they go next.


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Dividing Skylines and Focusing Energy

Every time life pulls me away from this website, it takes me away for months, and for that I am deeply sorry. I won’t make any promises this time around, but I will do my best to keep up on the music I’m jamming to and things that might interest you in the music scene.

Speaking of jamming, I’m in a band! That’s part of why I’ve been neglecting the internet- which I know is no excuse. But if you’d like, come give us a like or a follow~


^that’s us. Yeah I know we’re pretty dorky.

I’ve actually learned a lot about music hanging out with them. My personal favorite so far is Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria. It’s very catchy. I’m surprised I hadn’t listened to them before.

So enjoy this while I go do research so I can keep posting.


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