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Sleepless Nights

When I began getting into the post-hardcore scene last year, one of the bands I really connected with was Memphis May Fire because of the vocalist Matty Mullins’ lyrics. The first song that stuck with me was “Prove Me Right” because I loved the perspective and how the anger was channeled in a more mature manner- the angry profanity of most bands gets old extremely quick. But that was just one of their songs, and all of them seemed to strike a different chord with me.

I almost hadn’t realized they were working on new material when their second single, “Sleepless Nights”, was released on YouTube. When I heard it, I felt a stronger pull to it than I had any Memphis May Fire song, and it wasn’t the instrumentals. It’s the lyrics, and the way they’re sung that had me captivated when I listened to it.

I’ll try to only highlight my favorite parts- although the whole song is pretty great.

                        “I know that I would never jump,

                        So why can’t I step back from the ledge?”

I really like that part of the verse because I know a lot of people feel this way. Especially as a teenager, when things get difficult you feel yourself being pushed to the limits but you know that you want to keep going, you want to feel happy again. It’s helplessness.

But it’s the first chorus that gets me the most

                       “Why am I terrified of everything I used to love

                        Save me from myself I don’t want to hate who I’ve become

                        Inhale, exhale

                        Why is it so hard to breathe

                        Inhale, exhale

                        Why isn’t this working?!”

There’s something about the uncontrollable emotions that take hold of us sometimes. They change us and shape us, and even when we acknowledge it, it seems like it never gets better.

                      “Tell me that tomorrow when I wake up I’ll be fine,

                        I just want to be myself again

                        I want to know that I’m alive”

It’s a complicated situation to be in as a person, and I was dumbstruck to hear it put down in music with such emotion. The ending surprised me but I really love it.

                       “Please give me peace

                        Give me joy

                        Give me sanity!

                        Give me hope

                        Give me love

                        Give me truth.”

It’s like a plea, and I think the desperate ending is kind of appropriate. I remember just standing there after the song was over, still hearing the words in my head.

I’m really excited to hear Unconditional; Memphis May Fire did great with Challenger but I want to see where they go next.


Radium Rollercoaster

What It’s Worth: Romeo

One of my favorite resources- and a huge influence on my music journalism- is the internet famous music reporter Bryan Stars. I’ll have to write about him some day, because he played a big part in my exploration with what I do now. But that’s for some other time. I don’t know where he gets his music, but I have come to find some amazing bands on his YouTube.

The most recent on is the band What It’s Worth, a four piece Australian punk-pop band.

Their newest song, Romeo, is really catchy and I think that it’s on the better spectrum of the pop in “pop-punk”. Her voice- while yes I can hear an accent- seems smoother than most vocalists and the sound that the band has in general is really great. I think this is the kind of band you can expect to be touring in the US soon, if not Warped Tour in a year or two!

So go enjoy, and pick up their new album Catalyst if you like this single ❤

Seether: “Seether” cover on Seether

A certain well known, alternative grunge band from South Africa is back in the studios for their six album as the band Seether, a compilation album from their 11 years as a band with singles from every record, including the big favorites “Remedy”, “The Gift” (my personal favorite), “Broken (Feat. Amy Lee)” and “Country Song”.

The first single from this record is a cover of Veruca Salt’s song “Seether”, which the band accredits to it’s own name. Veruca Salt, by the way, announced it’s reunion and we’re expecting an album from them too. It’s a great cover, and on both ends a pretty clever publicity stunt (although I can’t be sure that’s what it was, of course).

I still hold true to Disclaimer II and Karma And Effect, so I know I’m excited to hear those songs again in this album, but I’m also really excited to see what else Seether has up their sleeve. This band has been going strong for over a decade now, and there’s no telling wher  they’ll go next!

I digress, what’s with this album cover?! Does anyone have any ideas?

File:Seether 2002-2013.png

Enjoy, and come back again when the album is released!


Radium Rollercoaster

Shinedown: Unity

Shinedown had been a big thing when Sound of Madness came out, with songs like “Second Chance”, “The Crow & The Butterfly”, and of course “Sound of Madness”. However, I think they quickly became underrated when their fourth studio album, Amaryllis, came out. This album is more diverse, and a good deal of their songs are relatable on an all-age scale, which is unique as well as important. I think a lot of people just let the album go unrecognized, myself included. While I like all the songs on this album, their second single, “Unity” is the song that really reminded me that Shinedown was still around and that they were a good band, even beyond just their music.

This video almost brought me to tears for some strange reason the first time I watched it. I’ve put it up on this website once, but I don’t think I ever really talked about why I think it’s important.

And your moment of truth

Is the day that you say “I’m not scared”

The way Brent Smith sings this line sends shivers down my spine, and the emotion behind it is how you know that this line is why the whole song was written. It’s a reminder to everyone that no one is useless and everyone is important, even to the people we think are bigger than we are in life.

I don’t know, it’s just a good song and a good video. Think what you want.


Radium Rollercoaster

AshTree, Day 3: The Anthem

Now, I am quite understood that this song isn’t technically on AshTree’s list, but the band is. Good Charlotte is usually the target of great critism for their ’emo’ label (usually by self-entitled ‘indie’ kids), but if they know one things, it’s to make anthems. And The Anthem is definitely their most influential one of all. Honestly, can you hear this song and want to be normal? Can you hear this song and still want to be a doctor or lawyer?

Personally they convey everything that I’ve been trying to tell myself my whole life. Most teenagers can identify with this feeling of never being good enough, never ‘fitting in’- especially in a society where being unique just makes you more boring-, and never wanting to stand down.

The music itself is not without quality, either. Much different, in fact. Sometimes it’s not about long guitar solos or deep powerful notes. Sometimes, it’s about letting go and dancing. And that’s what these riffs are all about. It’s about making you want to do something with your life and your ambition.

Quite frankly, I think that’s what every teenager in this society needs. Right now.

So listen to it guys 🙂 I know this was an awful post, sorry AshTree, but I have another review coming up on a song you might like!

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster

“Chalk Outline”

August 13th, 2012. Canadian rock band Three Days Grace released the firs single off of their fourth studio album, Transit Of Venus,”Chalk Outline”. It has a hard rock sound, resembling the sound of Seether’s Karma and Effect album. The chorus is very catchy in the awesome alternative way, versus the annoying radio pop-tune feel. It’s fun to sing with, but Adam is still showing off his great vocal talent.

Some bands go less than a year between albums, just pushing them out to make money. “Chalk Outline” just shows you why Three Days Grace takes their time writin songs and records. I love it and know the album will be amazing.

Xoxo Radium

Fearless Vampire Killers!

Well, one does certainly stumble upon interesting music in the strangest ways. Today that music is Fearless Vampire Killers (not the movie, the band). A random My Chemical Romance picture sent my friend on a hunt for two of the unnamed, non-familiar people in the picture. Two of them happened to be members of this oddly titled band. When she approved greatly, I knew I had to check it out.

Listening to “Bow Ties on Dead Guys”, you can see why Bizarre Magazine said “if My Chemical Romance and Panic At The Disco mated, their offspring might look like Fearless Vampire Killers.” While I attempt to not think of that prospect itself, it is obvious that the similarities are there. Like Panic At The Disco as of late, the band has touches of steampunk and the dead red and black makeup that most people associate with My Chemical Romance.

Despite their theatrical resemblances, I think that this band is definitely an English vampire Fall Out Boy. You can hear the accents in some of the words that they enunciate, but the style of singing and guitar is much like Fall Out Boy. Obviously this band at least sparked my interest and I would be lying if I said most people would not like them.

So, I leave you with a journey to discover them and let me know what you think!

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster

Sticks And Stones

   I found a new musician and song a few days ago, while listening to Never Shout Never. His name is Jason Reeves, and he has a great sound. But, I specifically have been listening to a song called Sticks and Stones. Now, while the song is really catchy, almost to the point of being mainstream, the message is clear and the song itself has a sort of uplifting tone. It’s happy AND motivational. His voice is very smooth and sweet, but with a twang. He grew up in Iowa and now lives up in the big Music City. He has also produced Colbie Caillat!

Does anyone know why that’s on his arm? Duh it’s a tattoo,but what does it mean?

      Check this song out! It’s amazing!

            XoXo Radium Rollercoaster