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The Radio Part 4: You Can’t Always Get What You Want

A slower song that I did recognize was the Rolling Stones. I’ve learned over time that slower doesn’t mean it’s of any less quality than a faster song, and this tune proves it over all. It takes its time and tells a story; teaches a lesson.

I’m not much of a Rolling Stones fan either, but sometimes when you have to choose between pop music and this, the vote is immeasurably on the rock side. It’s a great song (:


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The Radio Part 3: Walk

One of the most household names in rock is Foo Fighters, fronted by Dave Grohl, a musician with a large discography behind him. My mom recognized the song “Walk” by them, which reminds me of a simple driving anthem. It’s not really special in any way, but it’s still good and I still like it.


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The Radio Part 2: Tom Sawyer

Turning to another station, my dad recognized a song he couldn’t name. Being an older song, the sound effects were supposedly high tech, and it was because of these sound effects that I face palmed myself later. It was Rush!

“Tom Sawyer” has a laidback yet moving beat, pretty catchy.  I liked the song, but it’s not something I’d listen to all the time. Does anyone already listen to Rush?


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The Radio Part 1: The Pot

In the radio today, I heard the middle part of a song that sounded much like the singer of Tool’s voice, but I wasn’t sure about the guitar. Upon searching for the song, I found it was a Tool song. “The Pot”, which common speculation is that the title is a reference to the phrase “Pot calling the kettle back”, not the illegal drug.

Hypocrisy is a pretty obvious theme in this song, and I heard it and just loved it. Tool’s guitar and vocals are always energetic, dark, and a sort of confined anger that I really enjoy. It was a nice little discovery.


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Black Veil Bride’s New Music Video

Black Veil Bride’s new concept album, Wretched and Divine, may be evolving into a movie, but the album goes on. Their first single “In the End” was released recently, and I went to take a look. A powerful first single, you know immediately it’s an anthem for the BVBarmy. With a haircut and less makeup, the band’s new look also matured with their sound. It’s not quite unique, but as the first single, it does well in capturing attention with an interesting video and lyrics that speak to most of the audience that Black Veil Brides would be faced with.

The lyrics catches my attention because it’s almost an oxymoron, talking about birth, life, and being reborn, but I think In The End people will agree that it’s just a song that makes you want to follow your dreams, and not be afraid of failure.
Good job Black Veil Brides, you have not lost a fan this day.
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Life On The Murder Scene

The first live album of the rock band My Chemical Romance, “Life On The Murder Scene” documents the bands origin, formation, and life up until right before their third album, The Black Parade, and provides quite the insight to the group of (now four) five men that made the band reality. I got this for Christmas (one of the best Christmas presents ever), and finished it by 11 pm.

Life on the Murder Scene

I think Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge would have to be my favorite album, and I definitely see why this was the album that sent My Chemical Romance into their spiral upward in fame and fanbase. It is not as theatrical in effort as The Black Parade and appearance, but it has more energy and it really channels the idea of “Revenge”. It has what I think of as an Italian sound, which only comes out in later albums, but it’s also just an angry yet sophisticated sound that I think draws alot of attention.


This style for the band became popular after the "Helena" video.

This style for the band became popular after the “Helena” video.

It’s different, and people see that. The band itself is made up of really diverse people and they are always trying to be different. Like Brain said in the “video diary”, Rock and Roll is getting boring. My Chemical Romance shook it up and even with Conventional Weapons (which isn’t technically being released as an album), they are pulling new ideas and new sounds into the scene.

Merry Christmas all!


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Of Mice & Men, Pierce The Veil, and the Workday Release

1. Of Mice & Men-

I haven’t been completely interested in Of Mice & Men, but they are a really good band I admit. Recently their new music video for “The Depths” was released. I think there’s not much else to be said, either you like it or you don’t. (:

2. Bulls In The Bronx- The second single from Collide With The Sky, I recently found out that this was written as a result of a teen fan’s suicide in Australia that Vic Fuentes recieved a letter about while they were writing the record. The girl’s goodbye video touched Vic so deeply that the song he partially acredits to the girl. It’s a great song, and I think that this expresses how kind Pierce The Veil is and it may not affect their musical quality, but it definitely gives people another reason to think they are a great group of people.

3.  The Workday Release-

“Love In A Box” is a song I heard on Jango, and it’s a cute feel-good song. Enjoy!


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Christmas, The Nearly Deads, and Pierce The Veil

I cannot even begin to explain how utterly disappointed in myself and my lack of posting and updating I am. I can’t make any promises about the future either, but I think I’ll just start doing a little “Radium’s Playlist” thing every once in a while, because my interests change pretty quickly. However, I’d like to share a few things that I deem relevant to this time of year.

1. Christmas Carols- It’s that time of the year folks! The majority of people, hoi polloi if you will, hate Christmas music. My sister happens to be one of those people. But some contemporary artists have taken old carols and turned them into catchy tunes, and even written their own holiday songs. It’s a satirical example, but All Time Low’s “Merry Christmas, Kiss My A**” is a hilarious example of holiday music. There’s been a million and one renditions of “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, and personally not even My Chemical Romance’s version can make it less annoying, but all in all, it still gets stuck in my head and I still sing it. I enjoy holiday music 75% of the time.

What about you?

2. The Nearly Deads- Not only are they opening for Halestorm (that’s right, Halestorm!) in Nashville next month [18 and over, sorry kids], but they are writing and recording their new album, which (if my speculation is correct) will re-release their EP’s songs as well as a few unrecorded tunes that have gained popularity – such as “The Changeover”, and other new material. Get excited!

3. Pierce the Veil- The video for “Hell Above” is being released in a few days. This song is off of Collide With the Sky, one of the best albums of 2012 I’ve seen. It may not have been my first choice for a tune off that album for a music video, but I’m sure it will be good, as the song isn’t bad by any definitions.

Other than that, music is being quiet this season. Let me know if you have any music to shake this winter up!


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