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A Verse From A Neverending Song

Hey guys,

I have done virtually nothing good with this website in two weeks. I’ve tried, and I realized a lot of it was a doozy. So I sat back and started thinking about where I was going with this website. On the top of it, it says “Music from a teenage girl’s world”. And I think lately I’ve just tried to be too grown up. I listen to a lot of different music, and that shows in my website. But I’ve heard people telling me that it’s still too narrow and that I should try even more types of music.

I thought the whole point was that it was music from my world. Me. A teenager. And sometimes I just spend weeks on the same band, or I’ll spend a day listening to the same song, because I feel like it. And I will write about it, because I feel like it. I realized I tried to do things out of my power and out of my skill. I tried to do YouTube. I’m not good with a camera, I don’t have time to animate and add music or edit, and I just am not captivating enough. So that’s probably going to go off to the side for quite some time.

Most of all, I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing. Instead of being fun and engaging, it was a stress that I felt was going to hurt my reputation. Then I realized what reputation? To this day, after four months, the website still is just my way of expressing myself. And when it goes from expression to stress, it’s not working.

See this? My heroes. And I don’t even care what they look like.

“Love what you do and who you truly are.” This is a great quote from Frank Iero, the guitarist of My Chemical Romance. It’s something that I try to remember all the time. Also, Barney’s “When I’m sad I stop being sad and start being Awesome instead.” Trust me; it’s a good thing to remember when you’re sad. The point is that if I’m enjoying the music I listen to and what I say about it, you will too. If you don’t, you won’t return. And that’s okay. Because this is for me.

So, in celebration of doing what I want to do, enjoy this video of Sleeping With Siren’s “Do It Now, Remember It Later”.

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New Releases of 6/26

Today is June 26th. Did you know about any new albums being released? If not, here’s a list!

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Where Is Mystery?

Mystery is an island off the coast of Nowhere.

In 2010, Tim Burton’s adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through The Looking Glass” was released on the world. It was full of great characters with the classic Burton twist, and amazing graphics. It was received extremely well. So did its soundtrack.

The CD, “Almost Alice”, included many well known artists like Shinedown, All Time Low, and Owl City. The first single was Alice, by Avril Lavigne, the second was Tea Party, by Kerli, and the third was Follow Me Down by 3OH!3 and Neon Hitch.

A song that was received personally by the band instead of the album was “Welcome to mystery” by Plain white T’s. This song is known by many people, almost half as popular as “1, 2, 3, 4” or “Hey There Delilah”, which is still well known. However, on their album “Wonders of the younger” where this song was also featured, it was not released as a single, but received a good amount of air-time on the radio, where the Plain White’s often dominate.

This song creates a picture of a world that is the listener’s personal wonderland. The ambience created by the instrumentals is similar to a circus, which can definitely be related to Wonderland. It’s almost a lulling song, hypnotizing and entrancing. I think it’s a song that anyone can enjoy for many different reasons.

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Prove Me Right

Memphis May Fire brings a lot of to the table in their new single “Prove Me Right”. The band is a metalcore quintet from Texas. Their new album, “Challenger” is coming out on the 26th of June for purchase, but all the album is already out for viewing on Rise Records’ YouTube. From the first to the last lines, this song is full of lyrics just off the road of open for interpretation. It is obviously in one aspect about the managers and record companies running these musicians into the ground and telling them what they can and cannot do.

“Sucking the blood out of artists and killing the art.” “Count your money and I’ll count my friends, we’ll see who’s richer in the end.” So, these lyrics were what originally captured my interest in this song, but if you listen, not only are the lyrics impressive, but the instrumentals actually work together. Unfortunately yes the main guitar is nothing but heavy chords, but there is a separate guitar playing more intricate notes. The verses are hardcore, and the chorus is a hard rock sound. It’s not altogether uncommon, but refreshing to hear.

The outro is a spacey sound, and leaves the listener just super impressed. It’s 4:18 of awesome music (:

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Rocketown Continued: Part Three!

Alright, here is the interview with The Nearly Deads. Sorry about the way things panned out, I still have alot to learn about how to do things, but I’m trying. Enjoy.

Part one:

Part two:

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Rocketown Continued: Part Two!

You’re back for part two of my adventure: the behind-the-scenes. I hail from a small town, and I’m still hailing from said small town. Going to my first concert? Mind blowing. Going to my second with my best friend? Awesome. Going to Journeys Backyard BBQ? Life changing. But the behind-the-scenes of my day at Rocketown was absolutely pure magic. I found out after Satellites and Sirens were finished that the Nearly Deads wanted me to go out for the interview.

            Only the bands were allowed out, but we got to go past security because we were with the band. How many teenagers actually get to say that? It took us awhile to get the light set up just right, but we got it done! After the interview, we just stood around and talked. As little as that seems to entail to most people, it’s cool to see that a great band is so down to earth. Romeo had walked out not much later, and the security guard gave up and went inside.      

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            I went to talk to the first person I saw, the singer of Romeo. He- Joe- was very totally eager to go ahead and check out my website. It just added to how awesome the band seemed! Romeo seemed young for a band that seemed to have it on the right path, and it was really cool to be able to talk to him. I decided to go ahead and also chat with the other members (not including their drummer Cameron, who had already left) of Romeo. Christian, Cris, and Zach were super funny and extremely nice. I was offered a cookie…from a cup!

            The bottom line was I got to be part of two great bands, and actually talk to them like humans. Most people forget about very famous bands, that they are still just humans. I look at them and see people that fulfill dreams that I’m still realizing, and it seems too far away until I just take a step forward and start talking. Both bands are humble and love talking to fans. I’ll be back eventually to interview Romeo. I wouldn’t miss that for anything.

            There is only one part left. You ready? Come back tomorrow!

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Rocketown: Part One

I believe there is only one way to do this: the show, the behind-the-scenes, and the interview. You may ask yourself, “What is THIS?” And in response I will tell you, this is an adventure. I ask you to follow me as I bring you through June 17th, 2012, in Nashville Tennessee. This day was not only Father’s Day, but something beyond my imagination. This was when The Nearly Deads, Tell Romeo I Hate Him, Satellites and Sirens, and The Wedding all played in a small area called Rocketown. I had never heard of it, but being able to meet up with the Nearly Deads was a chance I wouldn’t miss.

But that’s part three. The first part is the show. I got there 20 minutes late, worrying that we missed the first band, but later learned we were 40 minutes before the first band. So I stopped to talk to the Nearly Deads (Kevin greeted us first, and TJ was soon to follow), and checked out the rest of the bands’ booths. All seemed eager for even a teenager like        me to interview their bands. I felt very encouraged and in time it seemed like a normal routine.

The venue was small, but was only filled with like 35 people. It was a new, interesting environment, almost like an underground concert. The first band to go on was Tell Romeo I Hate Him- whom I refer to as Romeo for short. Romeo got on stage, and I had to cross the whole room to get up front when I heard them start playing. They had a great first impression on me, with amazing guitar, an all around bouncy personality, and hard, skilled drums. When the singer started doing his stuff, it was so easy for me to get into the music.

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They had a great set list, and their stage presence was wonderful. They kept their energy constant, played a diverse amount of music, and made awesome conversation when changing songs. I was more than happy to stand and watch them. The Nearly Deads went on afterwards. I felt special, because knew I had something the others at the venue didn’t: a connection to the band. I talked to TJ as she set up, and stood center front as they jammed.

My favorite Nearly Deads song is the first song I ever heard by them, “Fact And Friction”. It has an enticing (yes, enticing!) piano intro played by TJ and is full of energy. Its buildup is nice and easy, and the chorus just hits you with inspiration. Now that I had listened to the song maybe a hundred times, I happily sang along. I was maybe too over enthusiastic. However, my sister got a new shirt! The other people in the audience seemed more than content to listen to them as well. They performed well as always.

The next band to go on was Satellites and Sirens, an electro-rock band. Their sound was totally unique, and a huge group of young men were having a lot of fun listening to them. Their bass player of old returned for one night when their new one couldn’t make it, which was interesting. The voice of the singer did not seem apropos from someone such as himself, if you judged by looks. The whole band had a strange image. I enjoyed it to a point, and they were good, but not overly impressive to me. Their guitar was pretty repetitive and there wasn’t much buildup or variety.

I did not get to see The Wedding, and I wish I had, but the things that conspired afterwards were quite worth missing the main event. Do you want to know? Are you sure you want to know? Alright, I’ll tell you…Next time! Come back tomorrow and I will tell you about part two!

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The Fight Over The New BC

On June 13, 2012, Breathe Carolina released their video for the single, “Hit and Run”. Breathe Carolina are an electronic rock band from Denver, Colorado, and gained popularity when their electronic sound was mixed with hardcore elements such as screaming in the album, Hello Fascination. In 2011, with the release of their third album Hell Is What You Make It, many fans have been arguing about how Breathe Carolina have changed.

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            David, who provides the clean vocals for the duo, stated directly on his twitter,    “Trust me guys, the hard side of BC has never gone away and will never go away. We just feel like singing a lot right now. Wait for album 4. It will be the most epic BC record yet. I can promise you that. From old to new to middle to new to old back to new. Everything will be there.”

            For now, fans like me accept Breathe Carolina’s current music. Being a band is in no way about pleasing fans. That comes after making yourself content with the music you are putting out into the world. Breathe Carolina has been doing that and I hope they continue to do that.

            What about you? Fan or not, do you like this Breathe Carolina?

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You Could Be My Ever After

            While bands like Three Days Grace and Simple Plan gained worldwide fame in the late early 2000’s, an amazing punk-rock band has been brewing, 11 years in the making. They have three albums released, and hail from Vancouver. They have fans all over Canada and thousands in the US, but they are still in the shadows. I am here to bring them to the light. They are Marianas Trench, and they are here for world domination.

            If you’ve followed me before, you have read about my Journey at the Backyard BBQ (article, where I met the wonderful Matt Webb, the guitarist for Marianas Trench. As promised, I got the interview. First, some background.

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            They began in 2001, and the next year had an EP out called Marianas Trench. Several years later, in 2006, their first full length studio album, Fix Me, was released. This album includes “Shake Tramp” and “Say Anything. Masterpiece Theater, their second album, was released in 2009, and included some of their biggest singles so far, “Celebrity Status” being the top one, and also “Cross My Heart”, and “All To Myself”, two of my personal favorites.

            And finally, Ever After was loosed on the world. It started with the music video for their first single, “Haven’t Had Enough” in July of 2011. Then after the release of the album- which has no pauses throughout the album- the video for “Fallout” was released. The strangest part of this album is not the lack of separation between tracks, but the fairytale aspect. It is titled Ever After, and the cover has toys and dolls.

            This brings me to really explain the reason why Marianas Trench has so many fans. They have a style that most bands have abandoned- punk-pop rock- but they are also very unique. All members sing in most of the songs, rather than Josh’s (the lead singer) vocals voiced-over. They are all the original members, which is also very rare for a band a decade old.

            Enough of me rambling on, I’m sure everyone wants to know Matt’s answers.

            Here you are:

1. What is your favorite part of touring?

 Matt: Playing shows for SURE. Getting up onstage in front of our crazy fans every night is the most exhilarating feeling in the world. I love my job and not too many people can say that. We are very, very lucky dudes.

2. How different would you say it is, being a Canadian based band, versus starting in the US?

Matt: No different, Marianas Trench fans are the bomb no matter where you go. USA shows are awesome because we have a better opportunity to come out and meet fans every night. But honestly, I have no problem hucking myself into giant swarms of people whenever possible.

3. How did Marianas Trench form?

Matt: Josh was like “Hey, lets start a band”.

4. Josh has a lot of personality, and I can imagine it gets overwhelming. How do you keep up?

Matt: More like EVERYONE has a lot of personality. And those personalities never get overwhelming. We’re family and we love each other very much.

5. Do you play any other instruments?

Matt: Sure, I play piano, trombone, trumpet, little bit of drums, bass, slide whistle, guitar, and I’m currently learning pedal steel.

6. Marianas Trench’s music videos always involve crazy acting and weird scenes. So far, which has been your favorite and why?

Matt: Shooting the video for our new single, Desperate Measures, was a total blast. Why? Skin tight outfits that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination, thats why.

[Interviewers note: said video is not yet released.]

7. Does Josh do all of the song writing?

Matt: Yup.

8. In one word, describe each of your band members, including yourself.

Matt: Josh: guava

Ian: rapunzel

Mike: ombudsman

Me: wesleysnipes

[Interviewers note: Guava is a fruit, Rapunzel is the fictional princess, an Ombudsman is like a political intermediary, and Wesley Snipes is Wesley Freaking Snipes.]

9. Why and how did Marianas Trench decide to settle for the style of music you play now?

Matt: Cuz other styles of music can suck it.

[Interviewers note: Amen, Matt.]

10. What would some of your advice to upcoming musicians or bands be?

Matt: Practice and practice, learn your instrument inside and out, and focus HARD on the songwriting. Thats all that matters. Show your music to your friends, family, strangers, whoever, and listen carefully to what they say about it. Play live as much as humanly possible. And try to look at least somewhat cool.

11. If you could redo one thing that you did in your musical career, would you? If so, what would it be?

Matt: I should have drank more beers with Dan Kanter when he played in Shiloh.

12. What is the craziest thing a fan has done to either talk to you or get your attention?

Matt: Uhhh, usually our fans are very respectful, every once in a while someone gives me the heeby jeebys but only when they have that “I’m gonna kill you” look in their eyes. Drinking the blood of your favourite guitar player is NOT kosher.

13. Who does Marianas trench draw inspiration from musically?

Matt: Notorious BIG.

14. If you could trade places with one of your band members for one day, who would it be?

Matt: Ian. I would love to know what goes on inside that mans head.

15. Where did you get your musical background/desire?

Matt: My grandfather taught me to play piano and was definitely my biggest musical influence. I used to stay up late listening to him play, thinking, “I’m gonna be that good when I grow up.” Still got a ways to go, but practice makes perfect!

16. If you had not gone into music, what field would you be working in now?

Matt: Investment Banking

17. What is your favorite part of being in a band, or Marianas Trench specifically?

Matt: Touring! Meeting new people, travelling to new places, rocking to thousands of people every night… I am literally living the dream.

18. What is your least favorite part?

Matt: Being away from my friends and family at home.

19. When did you first realize that Marianas Trench had become famous?

Matt: Good question. We played a show in Winnipeg MB at the Red River EX one summer. There were over 5000 people watching which was a complete shock to us. We had no idea our band could draw that kind of crowd anywhere other than our home town. To make the situation even sweeter, we had thousands more fans than a HUGE band that played the night before. That was cool.

20. Where does Marianas Trench plan on going in their future as a band?

Matt: Can’t say at the moment, our goal is supreme world domination. I want to hear our songs on the radio in Thailand. Honestly, we’ll probably continue to make music for as long as people want to hear it, we’re a bunch of happy dudes and I can’t imagine any of us doing anything else with our lives.

There it is. I had fun listening to them, exploring their history, and interviewing Matt. He’s an awesome person. Hell, all of Marianas Trench are amazing, and so are the people that make their music possible. A special shout out to Paul Orescan for making THIS happen.

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Muse, Dubstep, and the 2nd Law

So, wrote an article recently about Muse’s trailer for their upcoming album, “The 2nd Law.” I quote from said article,

“The music in this trailer is very much a Dubstep song, which is one of the worst genres of music…ever! Are Muse really going all Dubstep? This has got to be a joke, right? Are they just trolling their fans?”

Reading this, I find it utterly amusing. My rule had been for the longest time; don’t write what you don’t like. There is no point for a fan that “hasn’t really been able to get into Muse since 1999” to call them out on sucking! So, obviously the change doesn’t really affect the author, whom doesn’t even know what recent Muse sounds like according to them.

Matt Bellamy and the rest of Muse seem to be evolving as they age. Coming on the sixth studio album, the band admitted the album would be greatly varying from their other work. Matt, twittered that it would be, “Christian gangsta rap jazz odyssey, with some ambient rebellious Dubstep and face melting metal flamenco cowboy psychedelic”.

The preview,   starts out with an orchestral sound, and in the last quarter turns into a hardcore Dubstep sound. Now, even I am not a fan of that, but hopefully Muse’s new album will bring a good light to Dubstep. It’s not too far away from Techno, which is widely liked and appreciated. Dubstep is just new.

            Nevertheless, whatever Muse does, they will be a great band, and I have faith that they will prevail over the haters.

Just look at them!

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