The Fight Over The New BC

On June 13, 2012, Breathe Carolina released their video for the single, “Hit and Run”. Breathe Carolina are an electronic rock band from Denver, Colorado, and gained popularity when their electronic sound was mixed with hardcore elements such as screaming in the album, Hello Fascination. In 2011, with the release of their third album Hell Is What You Make It, many fans have been arguing about how Breathe Carolina have changed.

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            David, who provides the clean vocals for the duo, stated directly on his twitter,    “Trust me guys, the hard side of BC has never gone away and will never go away. We just feel like singing a lot right now. Wait for album 4. It will be the most epic BC record yet. I can promise you that. From old to new to middle to new to old back to new. Everything will be there.”

            For now, fans like me accept Breathe Carolina’s current music. Being a band is in no way about pleasing fans. That comes after making yourself content with the music you are putting out into the world. Breathe Carolina has been doing that and I hope they continue to do that.

            What about you? Fan or not, do you like this Breathe Carolina?

XoXo Radium Rollercoaster


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