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When You’re Too Busy For New Music

The worst part about being in college is it feels like I’m doing a lot of nothing, but never in an environment when I can listen to music. It seems like I’m missing all the best things: I still haven’t heard Pvris’ new song, no I haven’t listened to A Day To Remember’s new jam, I didn’t even know Simple Plan had a new album – who knows what else I’ve missed while I was “out” and away from my headphones.

Sometimes it gets so frustrating, because I want to be up to date and I love having a rotation of CD’s in my car, but now I’m out of the house most of the day and my car’s CD player is broken! I’m surprised it hasn’t caused me more distress.

Just like reading, listening to new music is a luxury some of us (college students) feel like we can’t afford. But you probably have more free time than you think you do.

Listen to the radio

There’s nothing wrong with tuning into one of the many pop stations for your ride to work, because there’s plenty of great hits out there to enjoy. You’ll for sure come across things you don’t want to hear for the several dozenth time that day, but when you tune into rewind stations or hard rock stations, you’d be surprised what throwbacks and new songs come into your life. It’s usually a last ditch effort, but try pausing that Fall Out Boy CD you’ve played over and over again to see if something catches your ear.


Ask your friends for suggestions

This won’t always be the best idea, but worst case scenario you never listen to those bands. Usually you’ll find you have a lot more in common than you thought, and best case scenario you learn about a new musician you love!

It’s even more fun when your friends make you ‘mixtapes’ for the road.

Go back to your roots

Sometimes, new music isn’t the answer at all. It’s sometimes more comforting to go back and listen to a band you heard in concert last summer, or the first band you ever called your favorite, or just something that really gets you moving in the mornings. No one is going to criticize you for being behind the times. I also recommend movie soundtracks if you’re desperate.

All in all, it’s not so hard to find new music, even if you are falling behind on binge-listening your favorite bands’ new records. Just remind yourself to take a break once in awhile to enjoy the big stuff, and appreciate the little stuff when you’re less free.

What new songs have you been enjoying?


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Muse, Dubstep, and the 2nd Law

So, wrote an article recently about Muse’s trailer for their upcoming album, “The 2nd Law.” I quote from said article,

“The music in this trailer is very much a Dubstep song, which is one of the worst genres of music…ever! Are Muse really going all Dubstep? This has got to be a joke, right? Are they just trolling their fans?”

Reading this, I find it utterly amusing. My rule had been for the longest time; don’t write what you don’t like. There is no point for a fan that “hasn’t really been able to get into Muse since 1999” to call them out on sucking! So, obviously the change doesn’t really affect the author, whom doesn’t even know what recent Muse sounds like according to them.

Matt Bellamy and the rest of Muse seem to be evolving as they age. Coming on the sixth studio album, the band admitted the album would be greatly varying from their other work. Matt, twittered that it would be, “Christian gangsta rap jazz odyssey, with some ambient rebellious Dubstep and face melting metal flamenco cowboy psychedelic”.

The preview,   starts out with an orchestral sound, and in the last quarter turns into a hardcore Dubstep sound. Now, even I am not a fan of that, but hopefully Muse’s new album will bring a good light to Dubstep. It’s not too far away from Techno, which is widely liked and appreciated. Dubstep is just new.

            Nevertheless, whatever Muse does, they will be a great band, and I have faith that they will prevail over the haters.

Just look at them!

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