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Call Me Anything

I might feel a little hipster, but I’m guessing around three months ago you would have never heard of the band Call Me Anything. My story with them is more than they will ever know. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon the video or when it was, but there was a time when all that was on the Call Me Anything Youtube channel was their lyric video for “Let’s Talk”. I was absolutely smitten. Maybe it was Will Tenney’s voice, maybe it was the awesome instrumentals.

No. It was the message behind that song, “Let’s Talk”. For some reason, it hit home and damn did it hit home hard. Especially the line, “Don’t let the weather get you down.” It was an amazing message and I loved it. Then, with patience, a music video came out, and then an EP. I got the EP soon after I started this website. I was so excited to try to contact them and get an interview with the two amazing musicians.

I won’t even try to lie. About three months ago, I contacted them trying to get an interview. They agreed, but I never got my answers back. Then two weeks ago I contacted them again, and finally got the answers. Unfortunately it was only Will that answered them, and I feel let down by the answers, but it was still a look into Call Me Anything that I waited awhile for.

Don’t get me wrong, I love them still, I just can honestly say I was a little disappointed. Check it out for yourself!

Much love my darlings.

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster

Interview: Call Me Anything

1)         The usual starter question: What are your names and what do you play?

Hello there, I’m William. I’m 6’4, have washboard abdominal muscles, and sing in Call Me Anything.

2)         How old are you?

If I had to guess, I’d say a bit older than you.

3)         How do you combine two very different guys of different musical backgrounds to make such an amazing band?

It almost works in out favor. I’m more trained in the classical sense. So think piano, ear training, theory, etc. But Matt’s got me beat in the world of programming and tracking. Somehow we bring those two worlds together to make pop music.

4)         Why exactly did Brandyn depart Call Me Anything, and will he be returning?

Brandyn got into an awesome school down south and decided that it was something he had to pursue. Although he won’t be coming back to play in the band, he does come to chill at most CMA events.

5)         Which one of you would you say has the best sense of humor?

It really depends what you’re talking about, but probably Matt. I’m all business.

6)         In 100 American Town, who wrote most of it? And is Alli the real name of the girl behind the song?

I wrote “100 American Town” last year when I was doing most of the writing for CMA, but the song isn’t really about Alli. I was starting to realize that a lot of my friends were growing up, and becoming “Adults,” and Alli just happened to be there. I randomly ran into her one day, and seeing her kind of put it all in perspective for me. That’s where the line “So Alli, Look what you’ve done to me” comes from. She’s a nice girl though, I see from time to time.

         What are some places or venues you would like to go musically in the future?

Bikini Bottom.

8)         What made you choose “The One That Got Away” to cover?

We both love Katy Perry so much. “Teenage Dream” and “One Of The Boys” are such awesome records, and we think she’s so talented. As soon as she announced that “The One That Got Away” was going to be the sixth single, we knew we had to cover it.….Wish we did a better job though….

9)         I know that a lot of people are always bagging on Matt for ‘changing genres’ since he has his own YouTube, and many people say that he should be the one singing, etc. How do you respond to that?

Haha how do I respond? I don’t really. This industry is nuts, and you’re never going to be able to please everyone. I’ve never let negative comments get to me, and I’m not going to start with a bunch of YouTube kids. Obviously since Matt is really popular on YouTube, kids are going to ask from him. The same way that kids on the road are going to ask for me, because I’ve been on the road since I was 15. You just gotta do your thing, and do it well. If you you do that, the right people will notice eventually.

10)       What do you spend most of your time doing while on tour?

On tour? Playing music.

11)       How is Winston?

Unfortunately Winston died in a car accident. I wish I were kidding.

12)       When you were in high school, when was the latest you stayed out? And did you get in trouble for it?

Hahah uhhh, well I went to boarding school so it was a little different. But I probably starting staying out late when I was a junior? At first I’d have to lie to my parents, and tell them I was sleeping over at a friends house, but that gig stops working quickly. Eventually my parents made peace with it. My only advice is to always have fun, but try to be safe at the same time. Stay out late, have a good time, but don’t drive home if you can’t. That’s not cool.

13)       Now that you guys are ‘celebrities’, what is the craziest thing girls have done to talk to you?

This one girl kept trying to get into the green room at one of our shows in June, and we thought she was with press, but when she was asked to leave, it turned out that she wasn’t with any magazine/etc. I laughed.

14)       If you could be featured on any upcoming album, or a previous album of any band, what would it be?

Ahh shit, I dunno. Nickelback? Rebecca Black?

15)       If you were an animal, what would you be?


16) When you were in school, what was your favorite subject? Best subject?

My best subject was always Latin. I only had to take it for two years in high school because I got so far in middle school. My favorite subject was history. For some reason I found it really interesting. I managed to work my love for history into a few upcoming songs. Get stoked.

17)       If you could switch places with any celebrity for a day, who would it be and what would you do?

Hmmm, he’s not really a celebrity, but Butch Walker. I love him so much. Other than that, probably Emma Watson. You know, so I could look at myself naked.

18)       When do you estimate being down on tour in Tennessee?

We were there last summer. It was rad. I expect that will be there again no later than _____?_____. Thanks for taking the time to interview me. You’re a doll. Stay fresh, stay fly, and eat skittles. Talk soon betch.

One Time, At Band Camp…

I went to a metal concert! My drum instructor, the amazing David Charlesworth, is in a band called Question The Chaos, and for a stress relieving night before exhibition, he brought his band to play for the whole camp Thursday evening. I had direct orders from said Mr. Charlesworth to be in the front and starting the mosh pit.

The marching bands were unprepared for the craziness. The band, Question The Chaos, may not have been a huge name in Clarksville, but after that night, you have to know it will be. We had all jumped until our feet hurt, screamed until our voices were hoarse, and head banged until our necks hurt. [For some of us, this pain is still being remedied]. I think that, as well as they did perform, QTC definitely does it for the music. They all were so focused, and that kind of talent doesn’t come out of not wanting to play the music.

So, I think I have a new respect for my teacher, a really painful neck, and a new band to like. (: Go check them out!!/pages/Question-The-Chaos/271090689627673

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster

2012: Music Everywhere

If I thought that this summer had alot of good album releases and tours, this fall and winter is going to be insane. Here are a list of bands that are recording in the studio, or already finished with their fall/winter release:

Set It Off

All Time Low

A Rocket To The Moon


Owl City

Matchbox Twenty

Billy Talent


Green Day

No Doubt

Three Days Grace

Papa Roach

Stone Sour

Believe it or not, this is only the beggining. Who are you excited for?

And if you haven’t, check out the new singles from No Doubt and Green Day!

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster

Rocketown: AGAIN!

I officially have to stop saying that a certain day is and will be the best day of my life. I need to make a folder in my brain that is titled “Best Days of My Life.” These past few months have been an insane combination of stress and magic. The type of magic that everyone knows but not everyone can truly master. Music. And once again, The Nearly Deads brought that magic to Rocketown, and I was there.

I saw three other bands while I at Rocketown last night. The first band to go up was Sonsett, a four-man band from Franklin TN. The instrumentals were great, they all were focused and enjoyed playing. My only criticism will be that the vocals- while having quality- were similar in tone and style in most of the music. The musicians had a thing for turning around and making faces at the drummer, which was entertaining to a point. I will point out though; the guitarist had a wicked mustache. Their sound was a soft pop rock, so if you like that, look ’em up!

Next up, The Nearly Deads seemed much more pumped up than usual. They jumped left and right, head banged, and grinned and laughed at each other. There was a lot of internal interaction between the band, which was a little different from what I’ve seen.

After The Nearly Deads was a band called Brick + Mortar. “One band is from [New] Jersey, so I like them already,” Kevin (The Nearly Deads) joked to me before the shows even started. We were in the middle of talking and signing stuff when I heard one of the band members- the singer- of Brick + Mortar talking. It was a fast sound check.

“Will all of you come right around here?” He asked, pointing to the front of the stage. He was a demanding performer. “The main group of offenders is right here,” He then gestured to the area where we were standing, and partially shamed I travelled to the front of the stage. It was an interactive performance. I couldn’t help but notice that Kevin (TND) and the singer also shared a similar style of hair. “Are you sure they aren’t related?” I nudged my friend who was beside me.

Brick + Mortar had a style unique to the show and only had two members. They consider themselves indie, and I would not deny them that, but there is a specifically ‘sunny’ aspect of their music that I think people really enjoy. Obviously I did too. My favorite moment of their performance was when the singer threw his tambourine on the ground. If I treated the tambourine like that in percussion class, I wouldn’t be here right now.

The last but definitely not least was the 5 member-ed From Indian Lakes. One of their members, who played piano and tambourine, was just all over the place. The other members were a little more immobile. I walked to the other side of the room and loudness surprised me. This band had a good amount of variety. The music had depth, as usually does when you have 5 different members, but in a good way. I enjoyed the last of the music, and when it finally got quiet, I was tired, hungry, and happy.

I would recommend the bands to everyone, and if you’re in Nashville, Rocketown is an amazing place for music.

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster

Steady As He Goes

He has been in three successful bands, just released a solo album, is Nashville Music City Ambassador as of 2011, was number 70 on The Rolling Stones list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, and turned 37 on this day. Still don’t know who it is? His name is Jack White, and he is from Detroit, Michigan. He is multi-talented, not only singing, but playing guitar, piano, organ, bass, and drums; to name a few.

His fame is probably most widely drawn from The White Stripes, the band he started with then-wife, although the band continued after the 2000 divorce for another 10 years. The White Stripes started in 1997, and since then had distributed 6 studio albums, 1 EP, and 2 live albums. As a duo, The White Stripes received 6 Grammys, 3 for best Alternative Performance.

However, White was also a part of The Raconteurs, a blues-alternative quartet. It began in Nashville during 2005, when Jack White wrote the song “Steady As She Goes” with a musician friend. They have released 2 albums, and even though the band is not technically on hiatus, I believe they will not rejoin for a third.

In 2009, Jack created yet another band, The Dead Weather. They have released 2 studio albums. But the best think Jack White has done lately is his own solo album, Blunderbuss. With a sound that is definitely just Jack White, it involves his own lyrics and instruments such as tambourines, fiddles, mandolins, and clarinets to create a style that is unmistakable. Blunderbuss peaked at #1 in Belgium, Canada, Swiss, the UK, and the US. It peaked #2 in Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.

In the last decade, Jack White has broke three bands into the music scene, and made a name for himself, unlike many other musicians that will or have been. The absolute best part of him is not how he plays so many different instruments, or how unique his voice is. Those things make up the best part of him: that he does what he wants to do. For him, it’s about the music. And that’s what makes his original sounding music so original and popular.

Happy 37th Jack, and I hope I see more of your music, no matter the form.

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster

Just Off Main Interview

You may not know them yet, but in a few years or a few months, you’ll hear them everywhere. With heavy determination and an awesome personality, Just Off Main is destined to do something good. I got to be the bands first interview. I interviewed their front man Evan Elliot, and I think he sums up everything about Just Off Main in these questions. Check them out on Facebook and keep your ears and eyes out.



1) What are the names of the members in Just Off Main and what do they play?

I (Evan Elliott) Sing main vocals and play lead guitar

Keith Gentry does guitars and backing vox

Corey England does bass and backing vox

Daniel Pulley does drums and backing vox

2) How did you guys get together?

Well Daniel and I have been playing since about 2002 when he moved to my town. We hit it off immediately coming from similar musical backgrounds and me being in desperate search of a drummer to form a band. We formed a couple different groups over the years, played with different musicians but the chemistry in writing and live performance has always been and still is with him and I. Corey joined us about a year and a half ago. I found him on a craigslist add he had posted looking for a jazz fusion band to join. I thought to myself this kid could be an interesting player so i hit him up to see if he wanted to jam with us. The first time we got together it was as if Corey had been there all along. He fell right into place and his style was so impressively unique. We still needed a guitarist aside from me so a few months later Corey brought his friend Keith in for a jam. Keith was a total metal head but a really great guitarist and completely got our style and blended so well with us. Even off stage and out of the studio or rehearsal room we are all best friends. We like having chill time together. It’s not very often bands actually share friendships what with music being like your place of work sometimes.

3) What has been your favorite show thus far?

Personally my favorite show was 2012 Rivers and Spire’s where we played Z97.5’s Last Band Standing competition. I don’t think we have ever played better or had a bigger reaction from a crowd. We wound up playing back to back shows in one day due to a rain out the day before. We wound up placing second which really felt like a great accomplishment considering we were a young fresh band and this was our first attempt at the competition.

4) What’s the hardest part of being in a band?

Probably the hardest part for us right now is trying to play as much as possible to promote and get our feet off the ground while still trying to maintain our regular lives.

5) What kind of reception do you usually get from crowds when you play?

Well we’ve played to many different types of crowds. Some of which don’t care for our style of music yet we still get a positive response because when it comes to our live show its just that, a show. We can’t play for an hour just standing in one spot emotionless. We move, we jump, we scream, we point, we make the funniest faces that always seem to get caught on camera, but overall we feel what each of us are doing up there.

6) How do you write your songs, both instrumentally and lyrically?

I have the strangest writing style ever. 9 times out of 10 I hear a melody in my head when I’m in a noisy environment. Like plants, factorys, construction sites, etc;.. All of these of which are my present or previous workplaces. I get the weirdest looks when I’m singing or humming some new melody into my phone. haha. Every once and a while I’ll actually sit down and try to write on a pressing emotion or situation I’ve been dealing with lately. It tends to be a bit harder to accomplish but you really get a sense of the overall feeling of the song.

7) Where do you aspire to be in a few years as a band?

Hopefully signed to a major label and touring with some of our friends and favorite bands.

8) Where is the farthest away from your base-town that you have played?

Well just getting started we haven’t even had the chance to play outside Tennessee but the farthest i believe would be Fayettville, TN.

9) What word would describe Just Off Main perfectly?


10) Is there anything specific about Just Off Main that people should know?

We stride to have a bigger effect on our fans with each and everything we do. Whether it’ll be a live performance, a recording session, a goofy youtube video or just hanging out before and after shows. Fans are what drive this band and feed us the adrenaline we need. I don’t think the 4 of us will ever lose sight of that.


There you go! I can’t wait to go to a live show!

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster

A Quick Check Up

                Just a few things that have been going on in the music scene lately:

New Music Video:

Marianas Trench released the video for “Desperate Measures” yesterday on Vevo. It is following nicely in the storyline of Ever After. Queen Carolina is controlling the band members, using dolls that the fans themselves created. It is funny, as always, Josh and the boy definitely put on a show.


A snapshot from the video.

My New Favorite:

“Roger Rabbit”, off of Sleeping With Sirens’ new EP, If You Were a Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack. It actually has an R&B or Hip Hop feel, different from the usually hardcore rock style that they have. I like it because of the words and the sweetness of Kellin Quinn’s voice in it. It is talking about how you have to be your own person, make your own decisions, and love yourself first and foremost.


The cover for the EP (:

New Album:

All Time Low is officially back in the studio for their new album. As of now, it’s untitled (as far as I know), and will be released in the fall. They are quick to get back to work. Unlike some bands, that start recording after two or three years, All Time Low didn’t even wait a full year before getting back into session. It will be difficult to top “Dirty Work”, but All Time Low has only gotten better with time.

I’m not even going to ask, the crazy dudes.

Despite my busy schedule, music has not left my life and I believe I’m fine with returning to my crazy website. I hope all of you love it.

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster

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