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A Gift For Spark Alaska

Recently a fellow blogger did an article on Spark Alaska’s “Feel The Flowers”, which is an amazing song. [ linking the article here to give them proper credit for their great article] I think they said truly all that is to be said about this tune, and today I’d like to take you back, nearly a year ago, to a song that touched my heart and brought me to this talented artist.

How does a YouTuber gain prominence? Well, a popular choice is always to cover beautiful, well known songs, as Spark Alaska (Lorenzo Cook) did. I love finding new artists through songs that fit the sound I want to hear. And so I stumbled upon Spark Alaska’s cover of “If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn”, one of Sleeping With Sirens first songs to really hit off in the post-hardcore scene.

However, Spark Alaska is NOT a hardcore musician. It was nearly impossible for me to fathom the kind of sound that Lorenzo produced, that he grasped from this song. It really showed an understanding of music, to be able to take one genre of song and make it completely unique and yet still completely recognizable.      [PS: Love the YouTube username]

And so I moved on, finding out that at the moment, an original song “In Miles & Mind” was free. Music is music, and no, I didn’t listen to it before I hit download. The first time I heard it I was walking around my house with my headphones. The first thing you notice is how the song is light, and honestly, you can hear the meaning of the lyrics through his voice. The lyrics themselves hit somewhere deep, because to me this reminded me of a few friends that I knew I’d give the world for, but still never truly save.

Now, I’m not claiming I know what spurred these lyrics, or what they truly mean, but it’s an emotionally loaded song. It’s simple, and yet it may be one of my favorite songs, because sometimes all you need is an upfront, basic song to mean the most. I wrote this hopefully to spread word of Spark Alaska for my good friends, as well as hopefully making Lorenzo’s day (: So go check him out, he completely deserves it for being original and innovative in a scene where being individual…is almost impossible.!/SparkAlaska

Much love, and keep writing music!


Radium Rollercoaster


Going Back: Panic! At The Disco

When I was too young to discover my own taste in music, great artists unbeknownst to my parents and I were arising and putting out amazing records. I try as much as possible to keep moving forward, for music is always evolving, but it’s always important to look behind as well. For example, my personal favorite record of Panic! At The Disco was released seven years ago, in 2005.

Titled A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, this debut album contains some of the best Panic! Songs ever released, as well as some of the longest titles in modern music [see “Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off” and “There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought Of It Yet”]. Although I’ve no sources that state this album is a concept album, I do believe that it tells a pretty interesting story if you put all of the tracks together in a certain way.

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Panic! Brought a sound completely original at the time; it was fast-paced, fun, and full of metaphors. However acclaimed by fans, the record actually did not fare well against critics, although Pete Wentz (who signed the group) was very impressed by them. Now it is their highest selling record, and unlike many bands, this debut album held the song that got them radio popularity.

Now half the size of their original number, Panic! At The Disco has not shown any sign of slowing down or selling out, although many fans are already prepared for yet another album. And yes, I am part of this fan base.


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Kill Your Heroes!

AWOLNATION has caught my eye today with their song “Kill Your Heroes”, an upbeat song with inspirationally dark lyrics. I’m not familiar with AWOLNATION or their sound, so I’m not sure if this song is a “normal” track for them, but it caught my attention with its uniqueness. What I like about this tune is that it falls into a familiar feeling of electronic rock-pop but has this aura of individuality about it that just really grasps you.

It starts off with a light, bouncing tone with a little synth, and what really gets me about this is how the lyrics and vocals intertwine. The song doesn’t say anything, it yells it. The verses are in this power harmony, fierce and strong but not overpowering to instrumentals. Then the chorus, if you listen to it enough, definitely will get stuck in your head.

My favorite part about this song though is the lyrics. “Well he said one thing before I graduate; never let your fear decide your fate; I say you kill your heroes and fly, fly, baby don’t cry; no need to worry because everybody will die.” I feel like it’s not a depressing song, but a truth that most people don’t realize. The second line shown really hits my “heartstrings” because I know what it’s like to be afraid of the future. And what it’s really saying (in MY opinion) is that you can’t look up to people and let that make you afraid. You have to conquer the things that make you weaker (kill your heroes so they aren’t above you) and make something of yourself (fly).

It’s not an anthem, it’s not meant to be inspirational. It’s so matter-of-factual that it becomes encouragement for action. Not only that, but it really is a fun song to sing along to; I am guilty of singing along to everything so I do take that into account when falling in love with a song. This song has been a favorite of mine since the night I heard it, and I think that it’s not a song that’s subjugated to genre.

What do you think?


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The Most Anticipated Of 2013

Well, here’s to the end of 2012, it’s just another day but a completely new year! Here at Music Central, all we care about is what music happens next. So keep on scrolling for some big names in albums and shows (mostly near Nashville) anticipated for 2013!

        1. Wretched and Divine

Black Veil Brides third studio album comes out on January 8 of 2013. Their first single “In The End” and a prospect of the concept album’s transformation into a movie promises a great, entertaining release. Black Veil Brides is growing up and out with the maturity of not only their sound, but their look. Only time will show if they can keep the interest of their fans, although this does not appear to be a problem at all.

        2. Paramore

Paramore’s fourth, self-titled studio album, Paramore, will be the only album without Josh and Zac Farro, the two members that departed in 2010 after their last album’s release. It will be released on April 9th, 2013. I personally am excited to hear the sound with only half the original members, but I hold belief that Hayley Williams can keep the Paramore sound, and maybe even further their style in some way.

         3. My Chemical Romance 5

While the band’s previously scrapped album, Conventional Weapons is being released in incimates of two, “MCR5” is hopefully in the making. (Note: The album is not yet titled). Originally guitarist Frank Iero had told the fans to be expecting in the summer of ’12, but now we can only hope to see a 2013 release, and I must say it is much in anticipation.

According  to Gerard Way, the new album will be darker (return to Revenge?!) and with costumes!

Also: Killjoys comic release in the summer of 2013.

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        4. The Nearly Deads

The band’s debut album- their first full length- should be released sometime in 2013. While there is little real information about the album- no album art, title, or release date- I am in powerful faith that it will be a record to remember, and they will quickly gain even an even wider reputation for being awesome. Songs that are famous between fans such as Changeover are going to be recorded on this album, as well as suspected re-recording of the original The Nearly Deads EP. Keep an eye out.

       5. Sleeping With Sirens

A post-hardcore band that broke out on the scene as a big name (often associated with Pierce The Veil for their similar sound and their singers’ duet on “King For A Day”) after their second album and their appearance on Warped Tour, singer Kellin Quinn says the new record will be the best yet.

No one can guess where the band will go next, but you can guess it is going to rock! Expect the album in 2013!

      6. Warped Tour

Fifty-two dates and over two-hundred bands, this is the place to go to see most of your favorite bands…even if they aren’t punk. Sadly this is a truth, but punk still exists on Warped Tour. However it shares the stage with metal, electronic rock, and even pop.

Last year’s lineup was- in my opinion- phenomenal. It included All Time Low, We Are the in Crowd, Yellowcard, Pierce the Veil, and Sleeping With Sirens in short. Next year, I hope to join the amusement and moshing. Warped Tour 2013!

7. Journey’s Backyard BBQ

One of the best times in my life, Journey’s Backyard BBQ 2012 included Marianas Trench and the wonderful The Nearly Deads, it is free and hits Nashville every year. There’s no telling (yet) who will join the adventure next year, but I know I’ll be there.

Nevershoutnever and All American Rejects were a few names also involved last year. It’s a big, free concert, and you’re sure to meet new people and hear great bands there. Journey’s Backyard BBQ 2013 is sure to be fun!

There are also concerts in Nashville, such as Halestorm with The Nearly Deads and Adalene, and Shinedown with Three Days Grace and Shinedown in Bridgestone Arena.

I hope everyone makes the most of 2013 and enjoys the music! What are you anticipating?


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