Kill Your Heroes!

AWOLNATION has caught my eye today with their song “Kill Your Heroes”, an upbeat song with inspirationally dark lyrics. I’m not familiar with AWOLNATION or their sound, so I’m not sure if this song is a “normal” track for them, but it caught my attention with its uniqueness. What I like about this tune is that it falls into a familiar feeling of electronic rock-pop but has this aura of individuality about it that just really grasps you.

It starts off with a light, bouncing tone with a little synth, and what really gets me about this is how the lyrics and vocals intertwine. The song doesn’t say anything, it yells it. The verses are in this power harmony, fierce and strong but not overpowering to instrumentals. Then the chorus, if you listen to it enough, definitely will get stuck in your head.

My favorite part about this song though is the lyrics. “Well he said one thing before I graduate; never let your fear decide your fate; I say you kill your heroes and fly, fly, baby don’t cry; no need to worry because everybody will die.” I feel like it’s not a depressing song, but a truth that most people don’t realize. The second line shown really hits my “heartstrings” because I know what it’s like to be afraid of the future. And what it’s really saying (in MY opinion) is that you can’t look up to people and let that make you afraid. You have to conquer the things that make you weaker (kill your heroes so they aren’t above you) and make something of yourself (fly).

It’s not an anthem, it’s not meant to be inspirational. It’s so matter-of-factual that it becomes encouragement for action. Not only that, but it really is a fun song to sing along to; I am guilty of singing along to everything so I do take that into account when falling in love with a song. This song has been a favorite of mine since the night I heard it, and I think that it’s not a song that’s subjugated to genre.

What do you think?


Radium Rollercoaster


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  1. I hope you dont consider me a hero!

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