A Gift For Spark Alaska

Recently a fellow blogger did an article on Spark Alaska’s “Feel The Flowers”, which is an amazing song. [http://aurallyyours.blogspot.com linking the article here to give them proper credit for their great article] I think they said truly all that is to be said about this tune, and today I’d like to take you back, nearly a year ago, to a song that touched my heart and brought me to this talented artist.

How does a YouTuber gain prominence? Well, a popular choice is always to cover beautiful, well known songs, as Spark Alaska (Lorenzo Cook) did. I love finding new artists through songs that fit the sound I want to hear. And so I stumbled upon Spark Alaska’s cover of “If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn”, one of Sleeping With Sirens first songs to really hit off in the post-hardcore scene.

However, Spark Alaska is NOT a hardcore musician. It was nearly impossible for me to fathom the kind of sound that Lorenzo produced, that he grasped from this song. It really showed an understanding of music, to be able to take one genre of song and make it completely unique and yet still completely recognizable.      [PS: Love the YouTube username]

And so I moved on, finding out that at the moment, an original song “In Miles & Mind” was free. Music is music, and no, I didn’t listen to it before I hit download. The first time I heard it I was walking around my house with my headphones. The first thing you notice is how the song is light, and honestly, you can hear the meaning of the lyrics through his voice. The lyrics themselves hit somewhere deep, because to me this reminded me of a few friends that I knew I’d give the world for, but still never truly save.

Now, I’m not claiming I know what spurred these lyrics, or what they truly mean, but it’s an emotionally loaded song. It’s simple, and yet it may be one of my favorite songs, because sometimes all you need is an upfront, basic song to mean the most. I wrote this hopefully to spread word of Spark Alaska for my good friends, as well as hopefully making Lorenzo’s day (: So go check him out, he completely deserves it for being original and innovative in a scene where being individual…is almost impossible.




Much love, and keep writing music!


Radium Rollercoaster


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  1. Thank you for linking to my article, I really appreciate that 🙂

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