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When You’re Too Busy For New Music

The worst part about being in college is it feels like I’m doing a lot of nothing, but never in an environment when I can listen to music. It seems like I’m missing all the best things: I still haven’t heard Pvris’ new song, no I haven’t listened to A Day To Remember’s new jam, I didn’t even know Simple Plan had a new album – who knows what else I’ve missed while I was “out” and away from my headphones.

Sometimes it gets so frustrating, because I want to be up to date and I love having a rotation of CD’s in my car, but now I’m out of the house most of the day and my car’s CD player is broken! I’m surprised it hasn’t caused me more distress.

Just like reading, listening to new music is a luxury some of us (college students) feel like we can’t afford. But you probably have more free time than you think you do.

Listen to the radio

There’s nothing wrong with tuning into one of the many pop stations for your ride to work, because there’s plenty of great hits out there to enjoy. You’ll for sure come across things you don’t want to hear for the several dozenth time that day, but when you tune into rewind stations or hard rock stations, you’d be surprised what throwbacks and new songs come into your life. It’s usually a last ditch effort, but try pausing that Fall Out Boy CD you’ve played over and over again to see if something catches your ear.


Ask your friends for suggestions

This won’t always be the best idea, but worst case scenario you never listen to those bands. Usually you’ll find you have a lot more in common than you thought, and best case scenario you learn about a new musician you love!

It’s even more fun when your friends make you ‘mixtapes’ for the road.

Go back to your roots

Sometimes, new music isn’t the answer at all. It’s sometimes more comforting to go back and listen to a band you heard in concert last summer, or the first band you ever called your favorite, or just something that really gets you moving in the mornings. No one is going to criticize you for being behind the times. I also recommend movie soundtracks if you’re desperate.

All in all, it’s not so hard to find new music, even if you are falling behind on binge-listening your favorite bands’ new records. Just remind yourself to take a break once in awhile to enjoy the big stuff, and appreciate the little stuff when you’re less free.

What new songs have you been enjoying?


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The Most Anticipated of 2013 Revisited

It’s halfway through 2013 already! I’ll admit it’s been a fairly boring year so far, but summer always inspires fun and adventures, doesn’t it? I decided I should go back and remember what I was excited for and see if I was disappointed or pleased. My review on the Paramore album Paramore was pretty long, but I was surprised at how they furthered their style by using new influences and ideas to make a great album. I haven’t listened to the whole Sleeping With Sirens album, but I wasn’t impressed by “Low”. I don’t know if I’ll go back and see the final product or not. While I’m not attending Warped Tour myself this year, I am indifferent with the lineup. I see good and bad bands and since I’m not going, I’m not really in a position to judge.

Of course, I must take a moment to say that when I wrote this article in December of 2012, I was not expecting what is to me the harshest point in music of 2013. My Chemical Romance, who had announced the release of Conventional Weapons in what I believed to be an effort to stall while they prepared MCR5. This was untrue. On March 22nd of this year, My Chemical Romance announced their disbandment, and I was pretty upset about it. As if to soften the blow, a month earlier Fall Out Boy made an unexpected return with an album. Soon I will talk about that.

No one seems to know why, but there isn’t going to be a Journey’s Backyard BBQ 2013. It’s a shame, really, considering it’s importance to me. But, what I wanted to write this article for is to talk about the Nearly Deads.


Probably the second biggest thing on my Most Anticipated list was the release of their next album, which at the time no one knew anything about. Today two announcements were made, and the “soon” that The Nearly Deads were notorious for became NOW! Or at least, August 20th, 2013, when their next album, Survival Guide, will be released! There is new merch on its way hopefully as well. Another huge step for The Nearly Deads was their signing to Standby Records.

Congratulations The Nearly Deads! Can’t wait to review that wonderful album of yours! And YES. I AM EXPECTING CHANGEOVER ON THIS EP GOSH DARNIT ❤


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The Most Anticipated Of 2013

Well, here’s to the end of 2012, it’s just another day but a completely new year! Here at Music Central, all we care about is what music happens next. So keep on scrolling for some big names in albums and shows (mostly near Nashville) anticipated for 2013!

        1. Wretched and Divine

Black Veil Brides third studio album comes out on January 8 of 2013. Their first single “In The End” and a prospect of the concept album’s transformation into a movie promises a great, entertaining release. Black Veil Brides is growing up and out with the maturity of not only their sound, but their look. Only time will show if they can keep the interest of their fans, although this does not appear to be a problem at all.

        2. Paramore

Paramore’s fourth, self-titled studio album, Paramore, will be the only album without Josh and Zac Farro, the two members that departed in 2010 after their last album’s release. It will be released on April 9th, 2013. I personally am excited to hear the sound with only half the original members, but I hold belief that Hayley Williams can keep the Paramore sound, and maybe even further their style in some way.

         3. My Chemical Romance 5

While the band’s previously scrapped album, Conventional Weapons is being released in incimates of two, “MCR5” is hopefully in the making. (Note: The album is not yet titled). Originally guitarist Frank Iero had told the fans to be expecting in the summer of ’12, but now we can only hope to see a 2013 release, and I must say it is much in anticipation.

According  to Gerard Way, the new album will be darker (return to Revenge?!) and with costumes!

Also: Killjoys comic release in the summer of 2013.

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        4. The Nearly Deads

The band’s debut album- their first full length- should be released sometime in 2013. While there is little real information about the album- no album art, title, or release date- I am in powerful faith that it will be a record to remember, and they will quickly gain even an even wider reputation for being awesome. Songs that are famous between fans such as Changeover are going to be recorded on this album, as well as suspected re-recording of the original The Nearly Deads EP. Keep an eye out.

       5. Sleeping With Sirens

A post-hardcore band that broke out on the scene as a big name (often associated with Pierce The Veil for their similar sound and their singers’ duet on “King For A Day”) after their second album and their appearance on Warped Tour, singer Kellin Quinn says the new record will be the best yet.

No one can guess where the band will go next, but you can guess it is going to rock! Expect the album in 2013!

      6. Warped Tour

Fifty-two dates and over two-hundred bands, this is the place to go to see most of your favorite bands…even if they aren’t punk. Sadly this is a truth, but punk still exists on Warped Tour. However it shares the stage with metal, electronic rock, and even pop.

Last year’s lineup was- in my opinion- phenomenal. It included All Time Low, We Are the in Crowd, Yellowcard, Pierce the Veil, and Sleeping With Sirens in short. Next year, I hope to join the amusement and moshing. Warped Tour 2013!

7. Journey’s Backyard BBQ

One of the best times in my life, Journey’s Backyard BBQ 2012 included Marianas Trench and the wonderful The Nearly Deads, it is free and hits Nashville every year. There’s no telling (yet) who will join the adventure next year, but I know I’ll be there.

Nevershoutnever and All American Rejects were a few names also involved last year. It’s a big, free concert, and you’re sure to meet new people and hear great bands there. Journey’s Backyard BBQ 2013 is sure to be fun!

There are also concerts in Nashville, such as Halestorm with The Nearly Deads and Adalene, and Shinedown with Three Days Grace and Shinedown in Bridgestone Arena.

I hope everyone makes the most of 2013 and enjoys the music! What are you anticipating?


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Conventional Weapons: One vs. Two

Many people have been desperately waiting for MCR5, and possibly to distill that impatience, My Chemical Romance has begun- month by month- to release their scraped album from 2009. Two songs were released last month, and the two of this month were leaked on YouTube. I am an ardent My Chemical Romance fan, but as a music journalist I’ll digress, these songs “Ambulance” and “Gun” were far lacking in MCR’s potential. Now, before I insult anyone, let me explain.

Number One: In “Boy Division” there’s an immediate intro that jumps right into the “MCR sound” you recognize the guitar, the bass, and of course the vocal style and sound of Gerard is impossible to miss. In “Tommorrow’s Money”, there’s guitar, then drums, then bass, and then Gerard jumps in, which is a style that fits the band. The force and energy, the 80’s punk feel that MCR grew up on is pretty evident here, the pulse is steady. These songs are dark yet flashy, like the anthems of The Black Parade or the sass of Revenge.

Number Two: I loved the bass and drum intro for “Gun”, it’s catchy. But “Gun” and “Ambulance” have an older rock feel that is farther from theatrical Queen and closer to the Beatles. In “Gun” there’s also something a little like Smashing Pumpkins. It’s not recognizable as MCR from the start of either songs unless you know that’s what you are listening to. While that does exert diversity- which is good in any band- it’s also disappointing for people who are still waiting for the return of Bullets and Revenge (the sound of two previous albums).

Honestly I’m still excited for the rest of the songs and I know that when MCR5 comes out, My Chemical Romance will not disappoint. Go ahead and listen to these songs, and whether or not you agree with what I’ve put forth, I hope you do enjoy them because regardless it is a good band and good music.


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My Chemical Romance: It’s ALIVE!

Everyone who knows me is aware that I love My Chemical Romance. That’s my band. And I’ve tried to keep them as alive as possible. But on the soundtrack of Tim Burton’s new movie “Frankenweenie” they did it themselves.

Frank Iero, the wonderfully energetic rhythm guitarist for My Chemical Romance (and singer for Leathermouth) is featured on the movies soundtrack with a new tune “This Song Is A Curse”. If you are familiar with Frank’s side project Leathermouth, then you know that his voice and singing voice is very different. For a kid’s movie, Frankenweenie is a little strange and Frank’s song pulls this off perfectly. It’s a great tune.

MCR5 IS IN THE MAKING. Gerard Way said that yes it is a bit dark and they will be dressing up ❤ Only MCR fans will truly understand why this is great news.

And finally, Conventional Weapons is the album MCR made before they decided to scrap it and go on to Danger Days. Frank Iero- a busy bee this fall- wrote a post on why they decided to bring this album back. This is not MCR5 but it is being released beforehand. 2 songs a month for 5 months starting Octoer 30th. Check out the article and pick yours up this 30th!

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster