Conventional Weapons: One vs. Two

Many people have been desperately waiting for MCR5, and possibly to distill that impatience, My Chemical Romance has begun- month by month- to release their scraped album from 2009. Two songs were released last month, and the two of this month were leaked on YouTube. I am an ardent My Chemical Romance fan, but as a music journalist I’ll digress, these songs “Ambulance” and “Gun” were far lacking in MCR’s potential. Now, before I insult anyone, let me explain.

Number One: In “Boy Division” there’s an immediate intro that jumps right into the “MCR sound” you recognize the guitar, the bass, and of course the vocal style and sound of Gerard is impossible to miss. In “Tommorrow’s Money”, there’s guitar, then drums, then bass, and then Gerard jumps in, which is a style that fits the band. The force and energy, the 80’s punk feel that MCR grew up on is pretty evident here, the pulse is steady. These songs are dark yet flashy, like the anthems of The Black Parade or the sass of Revenge.

Number Two: I loved the bass and drum intro for “Gun”, it’s catchy. But “Gun” and “Ambulance” have an older rock feel that is farther from theatrical Queen and closer to the Beatles. In “Gun” there’s also something a little like Smashing Pumpkins. It’s not recognizable as MCR from the start of either songs unless you know that’s what you are listening to. While that does exert diversity- which is good in any band- it’s also disappointing for people who are still waiting for the return of Bullets and Revenge (the sound of two previous albums).

Honestly I’m still excited for the rest of the songs and I know that when MCR5 comes out, My Chemical Romance will not disappoint. Go ahead and listen to these songs, and whether or not you agree with what I’ve put forth, I hope you do enjoy them because regardless it is a good band and good music.


Radium Rollercoaster


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  1. May not agree.. but I like your style of Writing… and your blog here Have a happy day! 🙂

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