My Chemical Romance: It’s ALIVE!

Everyone who knows me is aware that I love My Chemical Romance. That’s my band. And I’ve tried to keep them as alive as possible. But on the soundtrack of Tim Burton’s new movie “Frankenweenie” they did it themselves.

Frank Iero, the wonderfully energetic rhythm guitarist for My Chemical Romance (and singer for Leathermouth) is featured on the movies soundtrack with a new tune “This Song Is A Curse”. If you are familiar with Frank’s side project Leathermouth, then you know that his voice and singing voice is very different. For a kid’s movie, Frankenweenie is a little strange and Frank’s song pulls this off perfectly. It’s a great tune.

MCR5 IS IN THE MAKING. Gerard Way said that yes it is a bit dark and they will be dressing up ❤ Only MCR fans will truly understand why this is great news.

And finally, Conventional Weapons is the album MCR made before they decided to scrap it and go on to Danger Days. Frank Iero- a busy bee this fall- wrote a post on why they decided to bring this album back. This is not MCR5 but it is being released beforehand. 2 songs a month for 5 months starting Octoer 30th. Check out the article and pick yours up this 30th!

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster


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  1. Thats kewl i didnt know they were doing a song for that movie

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