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Sticks And Stones

   I found a new musician and song a few days ago, while listening to Never Shout Never. His name is Jason Reeves, and he has a great sound. But, I specifically have been listening to a song called Sticks and Stones. Now, while the song is really catchy, almost to the point of being mainstream, the message is clear and the song itself has a sort of uplifting tone. It’s happy AND motivational. His voice is very smooth and sweet, but with a twang. He grew up in Iowa and now lives up in the big Music City. He has also produced Colbie Caillat!

Does anyone know why that’s on his arm? Duh it’s a tattoo,but what does it mean?

      Check this song out! It’s amazing!

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The Best Song Ever

Two days ago, The Ready Set came out with a new single called “Give Me Your Hand”, or “(The Best Song Ever)”. Unfortunately, after listening to the song, I would have to disagree. While the video is cute- a girl using ASL to sign out the whole song-, it is repetitive, and not in a catchy way. The words seem kind of thrown together, and for Jordan, it’s a huge surprise. It’s just not the normal The Ready Set quality.

Sorry folks, that’s the way I see it. What do you think? Give it a whirl.

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Soul Punk

           A huge problem many musicians face as their musical career drags on is the separation of the band that made them famous. Some musicians can handle it, like Rob Thomas after the two hiatus’ with Matchbox Twenty. Now, when it is a cult-like band with many followers, like Fall Out Boy, you have a problem. Many fans resent their last album, Folie à Deux, because it is a reminder that they have gone their separate ways permanently.

            Singer Patrick Stump did not let this stop him. He went forward, and made solely his own style music, his own lyrics, and his own instruments, into the solo debut album “Soul Punk”. After one song, I judged it as hardly as good as his career with Fall Out Boy. I always tell people, “They should have stayed where they were.” Fall Out Boy was already split when I fell in love with their music, so I couldn’t do much about the situation. But after a lot of thought and an email in my inbox, I went back to explore Patrick Stump’s solo music.

Seriously, what is WITH the boxes? I don’t understand you, Patrick.

            I think I realize the biggest thing that fans can’t do is cross the barrier between genres. Fall Out Boy is considered (according to Wikipedia) Pop/Punk/Rock/Emo, and Patrick Stump’s album is considered…well… Soul Punk. And many fans don’t enjoy the lack of grungy guitar and hard drums, and the presence of synthesizers and vocal runs. But they don’t have to.

            A few songs that definitely stood out on the album were “Allie” and “Bad Side Of 25”. Allie has a wicked guitar solo, and Bad Side Of 25 shows of a classic style of Patrick’s singing style. If anything, he has definitely kept the way he sings, adding heavy Michael Jackson influence- whom he credits as an influence- and his own lyrics.

            If people really listen to Patrick’s music and get over themselves, they can still enjoy old Fall Out Boy like “America’s Suitehearts” and “What A Catch, Donnie” without being spiteful. Two styles but the same people. And what fans don’t grasp is the beauty of a debut album, or the beauty of a last album. Fall Out Boy knew in 2008 they were leaving. “What A Catch, Donnie” was a very final track, and it laid a lot down, going through the past of Fall Out Boy in the last 40 seconds.

            I think I can get used to Patrick’s new music. It’s good, that’s a for sure. He won’t necessarily have the same fans that had supported Fall Out Boy for four and some albums, but he is a great talented artist and as he says in “Coast”, “It’s gonna get better” for dear Patrick Stump.

            Check out Bad Side Of 25!

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Party Time

The hardest part of throwing a party is by far choosing the right music.

Everything else? Super easy. But if you don’t know exactly the right music, the people around you will definitely complain until you get the message. As I found out when I had my own get together today. I had two sides of the spectrum listening to my music: the laid back rock and pop, and the metal and dubstep. At first I thought that one side would give themselves up. But I didn’t think it would be the laid back rock and pop friends of mine. So, after a few songs having to hear, “This band sucks,” Or “They only have three good songs,” and such, I realized I needed to bump up the music, and not in volume.

So when you’re dealing with guys that like hard rock, and are extremely picky, I found some really good tunes. It’s loud and obnoxious, but when most of your friends are, it fits right in.


1) Avenged Sevenfold- Even easy going rockers can enjoy the wide variety of music that Avenged Sevenfold presents. Apparently Nightmare, Welcome To The Family, and Almost Easy are very good party hits. Somehow. I realized that the drums were quite impressive. It’s funny when two people spontaneously air-drum the same part.

2) Alice In Chains- From classic “Rooster” to fairly present “Check My Brain”, Alice In Chains has amazing vocals and a good guitar to headbang to.

3) Drowning Pool- now, I know people say that “Bodies” is way overplayed, and stupid video game commercials have definitely ruined it’s spunk. Unless you were raised on the song and love it to death. “Sinner” is also good.

4) Korn- “Freak On a Leash” and “Narcissistic Cannibal” are both great songs in their own way. However, when partying, go ahead and get crazy weird with “Narcissisitic Cannibal”. You will feel like you rule the world.

5) Bullet For My Valentine- This band is definitely for hardcore people. My favorite Welsh band (EVER) had all around amazing music. People will be jumping around, playing air-instruments, and pretending to scream their heads out.


Beware however, if you have well informed fans of these bands, you WILL have people singing. But if you’re like me, you’ll grab a soda and sing along (if not better!) Maybe your friends like softer, more realistic PARTY music, but it’s good to go insane every once in awhile.


Here’s to a good night,

XoXo Radium Rollercoaster,

Signing off.


                I know these blogs that do a specific day where they do a track that they really like, or a few. I think that today, I will talk about a song because of a conversation that went on in my comments section for “People’s Choice”. My dad- sorry to call you out like that- actually cussed out a reader because of their ‘poor’ choice in music. The song, Falling In Reverse’s “Good Girls Bad Guys” is more than just what the title assumes. It is definitely inappropriate and like Static said, no uplifting message or whatever. It wasn’t a party tune or talking about a sexy girl- that I’ve dealt with because hey, club songs are fun. But it was really just putting girls down and using them.

               So Jango supplied a song that I think definitely represents fun with a honorable message. In fact, I think all songs by A Rocket To The Moon have a better message than most bands. But the song that I love to death is ‘Annabelle’.

               Pretty much all the lyrics give out a good feel and good meaning, but I think instead of just posting the lyrics. I don’t know what it is about a pop band making a quick upbeat song and then cussing. It makes them seem real, because almost everybody cusses. Plus it adds emphasizes ;P

            Anyways, I totally love this band and I love this song and I hope not to run into an issue like I did today ^^ in the beginning of blogging. Do not like coming to my site to see a comment like that. I feel bad because I hadn’t even looked at the video yet though. -.- Note to self: Don’t approve till you’ve listened.

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Kerrang’s 2012 Awards

                     A little while ago, I discovered a UK magazine called “Kerrang!” and nearly fell in love. Without discriminating against bands or music, this magazine has flourished. And happens to include most of my favorite bands. So when I get an email about the award nominees being out, I flocked to the website to check things out.

                   The first group I see is “Best British Newcomer”. It seems I am not extremely keen on British bands, because none of the names struck me as familliar. Then “Best International Newcomer” rolls around.  I have heard of all of these bands, and listened quite a bit to Motionless in White, but Ronnie Radke’s return in Falling In Reverse would most definitely be my vote! For “Best International Band”, there are five amazing bands on the line (well, I hope. Who is letlive? I have homework apparently!), but everyone would know what I would say! 30 Seconds To Mars is just not my cup of tea and I think they should let someone else take some fame, because no, they are not the best band in the world. I don’t think Evanescence has as much international influence as they used to, unfortunately. And surprisingly, I would be A.OK with A Day To Remember leaving with that award. For a heavy rock band (sometimes very, very heavy), they have a large fanbase that many bands don’t have. That includes me!

             Most people would tell me, “Radium, you’re just biast! You love My Chemical Romance and would love to see them with awards of every kind!” You know how I would reply? Yes I want to see them win! It’s not like I hate 30STM or Evanescence. Respect means alot and I have music by both bands. We all have our favorites though, and forgive me for blushing and saying yes, I hope they win.

            An award that is commonly given at any rock music magazine award ceremony is “Best Live Band”. Now, in Revolver Magazine, Avenged Sevenfold swooped this award out of friggin hyperspace (believe me, I’ve seen it), along with “Most Dedicated Fans”. But in Kerrang, there are many bands competing, and no Avenged Sevenfold to unfairly overadvantage themselves. I mean, come on. Have YOU heard them live?

                  However, these other bands include You Me At Six (who I am not extremely familiar with, but they seem overly popular, maybe even good!), Black Veil Brides (Andy Biersack is hands down amazing!), Asking Alexandria (little too hardcore for me, but dedicated fans!), Enter Shikari (who? never even heard of them! More homework!), and My Chemical Romance. First off, I don’t know what the other bands sound like,but no MCR and BVB are not exact replicas when they are on stage. But if you listen, it is really just as good and shows that they aren’t fake. I’m torn between the two, but loyalty remains to MCR.

           You Me At Six- ‘Sinners Never Sleep’- are in ANOTHER category for Best Album, with Enter Shikari- A Flash Flood of Colour and Young Guns (more homework?!?! Where do these bands come from?)- Bones-, Mastodon: The Hunter and Black Veil Brides (Set The World On Fire). Now personally, BVB would win…if we were talking about We Stitch These Wounds. I like their original sound way better, but they haven’t completely strayed off their path. I haven’t heard the others- but according to this magazine, that isn’t saying much- so BVB may have a chance! It’s looking better for the ever-so-popular You Me At Six.

          You Me At Six has two nominations for “Best Single”, ‘Bite My Tongue’ and ‘No One Does It Better’, facing Young Guns with ‘Bones’, Black Veil Brides with ‘Rebel Love Song’, and Falling In Reverse with “The Drug In Me Is You”. I hope and believe that Falling In Reverse will win this, just because of uniqueness of the song. It is poppy in the sense that you want to jump around and smile, but acidic and definitely still rock. My personal favorite, but maybe I am wrong!

        Then we have Falling In Reverse with the same song for Best Video. Now, they have just as much of a chance of winning this, if not sadly a little less. “I’m Not A Vampire” is more entertaining, and “Immaculate Misconception” (Motionless in White)  is just twisted enough to grab your attention and be like “HEY LISTEN UP”. Mastodon is back again with “Curl of the Burl”. Then Paramore (Monster) and Bring Me The Horizon (Alligator Blood) apparate from nowhere into the contest. This is not an award I can make a desicion on truly, but I think MIW will steal this one.

              I would like to introduce the last award: Best British Band. I would like to point out the bands: You Me At Six, Bullet For My Valentine, Asking Alexandria, Iron Maiden, and Lostprophets. When I read these names, I want to kill something. British refers to Great Britian, or Northern Ireland that England controlled. Wales is part of the UK, and is often related to England, but ITS NOT THE SAME THING.

                I looked at the list and went, ‘Huh? Bullet For My Valentine is not British?” And they aren’t. Both them and Lostprophets are WELSH. And I feel horrified that a magazine could not politely differentiate on that.

             Now that I took the time to type all of this, the burn of anger is really…burnt out. It was just something I was proud that I knew versus a music journalism magazine. Another big part of this was talking about my opinions on who should win these awards. Now, my dear readers, or what little readers I have, who do you think is worthy of each award? Leave me a comment!!!

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Journey’s Backyard BBQ

                 This won’t apply to all of my viewers, but for the friends of mine that frequent this scene that live in my small town near Nashville, something is finally happening! The Journey’s Backyard BBQ on June 2nd will feauture the All American Rejects, Marianas Trench, and three local bands! But this concert is not just about music! Sports will also be featured!

              Hey, I’d be in just for Marianas Trench, but there’s always the prospect of a new scene and maybe new friends!

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A Match Made In Heaven

               Even though they both come from very different backgrounds and styles, somehow, under my nose, two amazing artists came together to make a song that I believe is too good to be true. I love The Ready Set (the charming Jordan Witzigreuter) and nevershoutnever (the wonderful Christofer Drew), but my funding for ITunes is usually nonexsistent. So my days are spent on YouTube, wasting most of my time clicking on link after link of the two’s music. Then, just looking at the comments, I found things saying like, “Why didn’t Christofer Drew and The Ready Set do a song together?” And other comments saying they had. I couldn’t help it.

Christofer Drew, AKA nevershoutnever!, has recently changed from his solo career to adding his touring band permanently.

Jordan Witzigreuter did not gain huge popularity until his third album, where Young Forever and Love Like Woe launched him into the mainstream. My favorite picture of him!

                The song, “The Blizzard of 89′,” Is a great song. There’s not much to be said about it, except it makes you feel the setting. The cold winter, the fire, and the jacket that ‘fits me just my size’. It’s a powerful song, with two voices from different styles but almost impossibly alike when put together. Like puzzle pieces, everything falls into place while listening to this song. In another Ready Set song, he says, “You say this song makes you want to fall in love.” That song does make me want to fall in love. With it.

           Sometimes, we think to ourselves, “These artists would work magically together! Why didn’t they do it!” But then, there are some times when life just gives you those songs, and those songs means more to those people who wanted it to happen than the artists themselves would ever know. Like a nevershoutnever song, “Iloveyoumorethanyouwilleverknow.” I think that it’s funny that I, someone who loves these musicians, find so many parallels between their music and the work they did together.

           If you listen to the song, you’ll understand and won’t regret it. It’s just one of those calm, happy songs that make you happy you’re alive.

I love you all 🙂

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Canadian Bands Galore!

                You don’t usually hear about music from other countries. If you do, you probably don’t know where they are from. Did you know the Script is from Ireland? That’s just one example that people are ignorant of. And when you say Canada, their first response WILL be Justin Bieber if they are under the age of 30. So my new ‘series’ of blogs will be about Canadian bands that you may or may not know, and may or not know their origins.

I’ll start with one that most people should know!

            Here’s a hint: She likes pink and skirts but can hang with the boys, and is not a band, but a singer of the age 27!

            Avril Lavigne! This rocker pop-punk chick got started in Nappanee, a small town in Ontario that she mentions in the song ‘My World’, with her debut album “Let Go” in 2002. She was known for her tomboyish personality and music. Like any woman, she grew- not out of that style- but into a new style that fit her just as well. She has had three albums since then: “Under My Skin”, “The Best Damn Thing”, and “Goodbye Lullaby”. They have all sold relatively well. She had a marriage to the singer of Sum 41, a Canadian Punk band, but it only lasted 3 years. Avril remained close friends and musical partners with Deryck after this divorce.

            Now Avril is working with her clothes and perfume line, and taking time off on her own before releasing her fifth album to the wonderful world of modern music.

            Avril is one of the few female vocalists that definitely set no limits for themselves, but do not settle for the norm. She has switched her style several times, and apparently her favorite work is f**k. That’s pretty un-normal to me. Well, not to me that is. 😀


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