I know these blogs that do a specific day where they do a track that they really like, or a few. I think that today, I will talk about a song because of a conversation that went on in my comments section for “People’s Choice”. My dad- sorry to call you out like that- actually cussed out a reader because of their ‘poor’ choice in music. The song, Falling In Reverse’s “Good Girls Bad Guys” is more than just what the title assumes. It is definitely inappropriate and like Static said, no uplifting message or whatever. It wasn’t a party tune or talking about a sexy girl- that I’ve dealt with because hey, club songs are fun. But it was really just putting girls down and using them.

               So Jango supplied a song that I think definitely represents fun with a honorable message. In fact, I think all songs by A Rocket To The Moon have a better message than most bands. But the song that I love to death is ‘Annabelle’.

               Pretty much all the lyrics give out a good feel and good meaning, but I think instead of just posting the lyrics. I don’t know what it is about a pop band making a quick upbeat song and then cussing. It makes them seem real, because almost everybody cusses. Plus it adds emphasizes ;P

            Anyways, I totally love this band and I love this song and I hope not to run into an issue like I did today ^^ in the beginning of blogging. Do not like coming to my site to see a comment like that. I feel bad because I hadn’t even looked at the video yet though. -.- Note to self: Don’t approve till you’ve listened.

XoXo Radium Rollercoaster


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