Canadian Bands Galore!

                You don’t usually hear about music from other countries. If you do, you probably don’t know where they are from. Did you know the Script is from Ireland? That’s just one example that people are ignorant of. And when you say Canada, their first response WILL be Justin Bieber if they are under the age of 30. So my new ‘series’ of blogs will be about Canadian bands that you may or may not know, and may or not know their origins.

I’ll start with one that most people should know!

            Here’s a hint: She likes pink and skirts but can hang with the boys, and is not a band, but a singer of the age 27!

            Avril Lavigne! This rocker pop-punk chick got started in Nappanee, a small town in Ontario that she mentions in the song ‘My World’, with her debut album “Let Go” in 2002. She was known for her tomboyish personality and music. Like any woman, she grew- not out of that style- but into a new style that fit her just as well. She has had three albums since then: “Under My Skin”, “The Best Damn Thing”, and “Goodbye Lullaby”. They have all sold relatively well. She had a marriage to the singer of Sum 41, a Canadian Punk band, but it only lasted 3 years. Avril remained close friends and musical partners with Deryck after this divorce.

            Now Avril is working with her clothes and perfume line, and taking time off on her own before releasing her fifth album to the wonderful world of modern music.

            Avril is one of the few female vocalists that definitely set no limits for themselves, but do not settle for the norm. She has switched her style several times, and apparently her favorite work is f**k. That’s pretty un-normal to me. Well, not to me that is. 😀


XoXo Radium Rollercoaster


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