Kerrang’s 2012 Awards

                     A little while ago, I discovered a UK magazine called “Kerrang!” and nearly fell in love. Without discriminating against bands or music, this magazine has flourished. And happens to include most of my favorite bands. So when I get an email about the award nominees being out, I flocked to the website to check things out.

                   The first group I see is “Best British Newcomer”. It seems I am not extremely keen on British bands, because none of the names struck me as familliar. Then “Best International Newcomer” rolls around.  I have heard of all of these bands, and listened quite a bit to Motionless in White, but Ronnie Radke’s return in Falling In Reverse would most definitely be my vote! For “Best International Band”, there are five amazing bands on the line (well, I hope. Who is letlive? I have homework apparently!), but everyone would know what I would say! 30 Seconds To Mars is just not my cup of tea and I think they should let someone else take some fame, because no, they are not the best band in the world. I don’t think Evanescence has as much international influence as they used to, unfortunately. And surprisingly, I would be A.OK with A Day To Remember leaving with that award. For a heavy rock band (sometimes very, very heavy), they have a large fanbase that many bands don’t have. That includes me!

             Most people would tell me, “Radium, you’re just biast! You love My Chemical Romance and would love to see them with awards of every kind!” You know how I would reply? Yes I want to see them win! It’s not like I hate 30STM or Evanescence. Respect means alot and I have music by both bands. We all have our favorites though, and forgive me for blushing and saying yes, I hope they win.

            An award that is commonly given at any rock music magazine award ceremony is “Best Live Band”. Now, in Revolver Magazine, Avenged Sevenfold swooped this award out of friggin hyperspace (believe me, I’ve seen it), along with “Most Dedicated Fans”. But in Kerrang, there are many bands competing, and no Avenged Sevenfold to unfairly overadvantage themselves. I mean, come on. Have YOU heard them live?

                  However, these other bands include You Me At Six (who I am not extremely familiar with, but they seem overly popular, maybe even good!), Black Veil Brides (Andy Biersack is hands down amazing!), Asking Alexandria (little too hardcore for me, but dedicated fans!), Enter Shikari (who? never even heard of them! More homework!), and My Chemical Romance. First off, I don’t know what the other bands sound like,but no MCR and BVB are not exact replicas when they are on stage. But if you listen, it is really just as good and shows that they aren’t fake. I’m torn between the two, but loyalty remains to MCR.

           You Me At Six- ‘Sinners Never Sleep’- are in ANOTHER category for Best Album, with Enter Shikari- A Flash Flood of Colour and Young Guns (more homework?!?! Where do these bands come from?)- Bones-, Mastodon: The Hunter and Black Veil Brides (Set The World On Fire). Now personally, BVB would win…if we were talking about We Stitch These Wounds. I like their original sound way better, but they haven’t completely strayed off their path. I haven’t heard the others- but according to this magazine, that isn’t saying much- so BVB may have a chance! It’s looking better for the ever-so-popular You Me At Six.

          You Me At Six has two nominations for “Best Single”, ‘Bite My Tongue’ and ‘No One Does It Better’, facing Young Guns with ‘Bones’, Black Veil Brides with ‘Rebel Love Song’, and Falling In Reverse with “The Drug In Me Is You”. I hope and believe that Falling In Reverse will win this, just because of uniqueness of the song. It is poppy in the sense that you want to jump around and smile, but acidic and definitely still rock. My personal favorite, but maybe I am wrong!

        Then we have Falling In Reverse with the same song for Best Video. Now, they have just as much of a chance of winning this, if not sadly a little less. “I’m Not A Vampire” is more entertaining, and “Immaculate Misconception” (Motionless in White)  is just twisted enough to grab your attention and be like “HEY LISTEN UP”. Mastodon is back again with “Curl of the Burl”. Then Paramore (Monster) and Bring Me The Horizon (Alligator Blood) apparate from nowhere into the contest. This is not an award I can make a desicion on truly, but I think MIW will steal this one.

              I would like to introduce the last award: Best British Band. I would like to point out the bands: You Me At Six, Bullet For My Valentine, Asking Alexandria, Iron Maiden, and Lostprophets. When I read these names, I want to kill something. British refers to Great Britian, or Northern Ireland that England controlled. Wales is part of the UK, and is often related to England, but ITS NOT THE SAME THING.

                I looked at the list and went, ‘Huh? Bullet For My Valentine is not British?” And they aren’t. Both them and Lostprophets are WELSH. And I feel horrified that a magazine could not politely differentiate on that.

             Now that I took the time to type all of this, the burn of anger is really…burnt out. It was just something I was proud that I knew versus a music journalism magazine. Another big part of this was talking about my opinions on who should win these awards. Now, my dear readers, or what little readers I have, who do you think is worthy of each award? Leave me a comment!!!

XoXo Radium Rollercoaster


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  1. Lol, I speak english, does that make me British? Maybe I can start a British band too!!

    • Apparently it does. I just think that “YES IT DOES MAKE A FREAKING DIFFERENCE!” Did you see my caption for the Kerangg picture? Seriously though. Attack! Attack! is Welsh, Lostprophets, Bullet For My Valentine, etc. Much better in my opinion than the other bands. (Except Iron Maiden!)
      XoXo Radium Rollercoaster

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