Where Is Mystery?

Mystery is an island off the coast of Nowhere.

In 2010, Tim Burton’s adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through The Looking Glass” was released on the world. It was full of great characters with the classic Burton twist, and amazing graphics. It was received extremely well. So did its soundtrack.

The CD, “Almost Alice”, included many well known artists like Shinedown, All Time Low, and Owl City. The first single was Alice, by Avril Lavigne, the second was Tea Party, by Kerli, and the third was Follow Me Down by 3OH!3 and Neon Hitch.

A song that was received personally by the band instead of the album was “Welcome to mystery” by Plain white T’s. This song is known by many people, almost half as popular as “1, 2, 3, 4” or “Hey There Delilah”, which is still well known. However, on their album “Wonders of the younger” where this song was also featured, it was not released as a single, but received a good amount of air-time on the radio, where the Plain White’s often dominate.

This song creates a picture of a world that is the listener’s personal wonderland. The ambience created by the instrumentals is similar to a circus, which can definitely be related to Wonderland. It’s almost a lulling song, hypnotizing and entrancing. I think it’s a song that anyone can enjoy for many different reasons.

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster


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  1. Great Song!! by the Tee’s. Make me want to run across my own private island trippin on sunshine.

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