Rocketown Continued: Part Two!

You’re back for part two of my adventure: the behind-the-scenes. I hail from a small town, and I’m still hailing from said small town. Going to my first concert? Mind blowing. Going to my second with my best friend? Awesome. Going to Journeys Backyard BBQ? Life changing. But the behind-the-scenes of my day at Rocketown was absolutely pure magic. I found out after Satellites and Sirens were finished that the Nearly Deads wanted me to go out for the interview.

            Only the bands were allowed out, but we got to go past security because we were with the band. How many teenagers actually get to say that? It took us awhile to get the light set up just right, but we got it done! After the interview, we just stood around and talked. As little as that seems to entail to most people, it’s cool to see that a great band is so down to earth. Romeo had walked out not much later, and the security guard gave up and went inside.      

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            I went to talk to the first person I saw, the singer of Romeo. He- Joe- was very totally eager to go ahead and check out my website. It just added to how awesome the band seemed! Romeo seemed young for a band that seemed to have it on the right path, and it was really cool to be able to talk to him. I decided to go ahead and also chat with the other members (not including their drummer Cameron, who had already left) of Romeo. Christian, Cris, and Zach were super funny and extremely nice. I was offered a cookie…from a cup!

            The bottom line was I got to be part of two great bands, and actually talk to them like humans. Most people forget about very famous bands, that they are still just humans. I look at them and see people that fulfill dreams that I’m still realizing, and it seems too far away until I just take a step forward and start talking. Both bands are humble and love talking to fans. I’ll be back eventually to interview Romeo. I wouldn’t miss that for anything.

            There is only one part left. You ready? Come back tomorrow!

            XoXo Radium Rollercoaster


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