AshTree, Day 3: The Anthem

Now, I am quite understood that this song isn’t technically on AshTree’s list, but the band is. Good Charlotte is usually the target of great critism for their ’emo’ label (usually by self-entitled ‘indie’ kids), but if they know one things, it’s to make anthems. And The Anthem is definitely their most influential one of all. Honestly, can you hear this song and want to be normal? Can you hear this song and still want to be a doctor or lawyer?

Personally they convey everything that I’ve been trying to tell myself my whole life. Most teenagers can identify with this feeling of never being good enough, never ‘fitting in’- especially in a society where being unique just makes you more boring-, and never wanting to stand down.

The music itself is not without quality, either. Much different, in fact. Sometimes it’s not about long guitar solos or deep powerful notes. Sometimes, it’s about letting go and dancing. And that’s what these riffs are all about. It’s about making you want to do something with your life and your ambition.

Quite frankly, I think that’s what every teenager in this society needs. Right now.

So listen to it guys 🙂 I know this was an awful post, sorry AshTree, but I have another review coming up on a song you might like!

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster


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  1. I love this song. I know alot of people bash on Good Charlotte, but they aren’t bad and I have always identified with this song. My favorite band of all-time Green Day influenced Good Charlotte and their music. Some music experts have called them and Blink-182 copy cats but it just makes me love the band even more.

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