And Then… There Was One

Nashville-centered rock band Navaeh (“Pronounced: Nuh-Vay-Uh”) released a new record And Then.. There Was One last fall, and it is definitely the one to get into.  It was unique to hear, because instead of the common rushed, frantic-type sound that most rock bands of this generation seem to have, itt’s paced and balanced without falling back into the “soft rock” category. I loved how it was powerful without being overbearing, and how there was an equilibrium between the instruments and vocals.

And Then... There Was One cover art

I think the tracklisting was pretty important, because it builds up with each track, but while there aren’t any songs that sound like each other, you don’t get any of in-your-face transitions. Although “Let Go” isn’t the driving force the rest of the tracks are, it feels like an introduction, slow and simple. The minimalist instruments complement the lyrics “better off with my head in the cloud, than standing with my feet on the ground”, actually giving it an above-the-clouds feel. The chorus of “Unsatisfied” is both powerful and catchy, and the intro for “Climb” is rhythmic and one of my favorite instrumentals from the EP.  “Face The Lies” is the strongest vocally in both verse and chorus, and “Doesn’t Matter” has an underlying 90’s punk sound that I really enjoyed.

All in all this was a refreshing, easy listen. Thanks guys!

I won’t even try to pick a favorite from this record, but if you want to let me or them know, comment below or go visit them on some form of social media!


Radium Rollercoaster


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