Andrew Bird

My interest has definitely taken flight! ;D

My friend Vex and I are definitely two very different people, although we get along quite perfectly. He and I don’t share something that I usually find most important with getting along with people: music tastes. Me being a musically prominent person, I have made him go through so much of my music it isn’t amusing at all. But seldom does he bring up music he likes. Last night he mentioned a certain person: Andrew Bird.
Curiosity poked at me. Vex’s music is always much more easy going, unless it’s much much heavier than my music. He does not seem to find happy mediums. But then again, music is my music, I do not discriminate. So while working on the tons of homework I had to make up for the days I had a virus similar to strep throat (ugh), I looked up that certain person.
I always judge by first sound. I have learned that with Vex’s music, the rest of a song can really surprise you. I looked up Give It Away first. I notice first the lack of viewers. Is this some underground music? I wouldn’t put it past him. The instruments kind of turned me away. I was like, “This sounds really odd.” But Andrew Bird’s voice has a certain charm. Not really music to get you pumped up, but something you could sway back and forth to happily.
By looking at his discography versus his music on YouTube, my idea is that he is a musician who is really focused on the basis of his music, and even though it was obvious that he loves music and makes a lot of it, he doesn’t seem interested on being a popular music figure. Not a bad thing at all. I’ve got respect for that.

Is it me, or does hard work just seem to radiate off this guy? He looks like he could use a break. But ha! Breaks aren't for musicians. Props to you, good sir!

Since he doesn’t seem very popular, I think I should give my readers something to listen to that I’m sure you haven’t before. Take a listen! It’s really unique isn’t it? Not bad though!

^^ Has to be my favorite out of the like, 5 I looked into. I’ll do a follow up on my own time!

XoXo Radium Rollercoaster

P.s: I’m still looking for suggestions!


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  1. Very cool,he’s got his own thing going on here

  2. I’m glad you could give em a look up while you were ill. I hope you are feeling better now. ❤

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