[Don’t Forget Your] Weapons: Lostprophet’s New Album, a review

Coming around with their fifth studio album, Lostprophets introduced Weapons on the 2nd of this month. With songs like “Last Train Home”, “4: AM Forever”, and the hard hitting “Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast”, they have a huge fan base. Many people were anticipating this album, waiting for more awesome sound.
Now going back to listen to “thefakesoundofprogress”- their first album- and sounds like “Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja”, the guitar and drums is something similar to Trapt, like “Headstrong”. The vocals were rough and mildly nasally. Still good enough, with a heavy pulse. The second album, “Start Something”, and “Last Train Home”, it’s a mainstream sound. The guitar, the drums, the bass, the vocals, it’s all very mainstream in a modern punk-rock, pop-punk band. This doesn’t make it bad though. “Last Train Home” is energetic and catchy; still a good song and a great album.
The third album was “Liberation Transmission”. This was the album that birthed “Rooftops”. This song is talked about on my inspirational songs and video bit, so if you’re interested, it’s down there vv. Just an awesome song. Also there is “Can’t Catch Tomorrow”. It’s also an upbeat, more punk than rock song. Not completely mainstream in its own right. This album rocked the house, and it’s successor “The Betrayed”- which featured “For He’s A Jolly Good Felon”. This song is upbeat, but lacks a drive that would make the listener want to dance. The song is good, but they are losing their magic.
And then “Weapons.” Choose any song from the last four albums, and then one from the new album, and you’ll hear something missing. I don’t know what it is. Maybe a diehard fan could tell you. But anyone could tell, Lostprophets isn’t due for much more music. They’ve became a cookie cutter band, and no real musical similarity ties these tracks together. Their time is slowly- or rather quickly maybe- running out. There is just a runaway element in this album. I’m not impressed at all.
For Lostprophet’s, their biggest issue is going to be the tension and argueing between their fans. In every corner of “Weapons” fans argue about which albums were best or worst, but the general consensus is this: the fans do not approve of the new album.

XoXo Radium Rollercoaster


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