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Inspirational Songs and/or Videos
I’m a big softie. Most people realize that really quickly with me. In school I couldn’t sit and watch Metallica’s “One”, and many people saw it. It is an awesome song and video, but I try to keep myself far, far away from it. I cry easily at books, movies, and especially music videos. Sometimes I like to look for music that inspires me or makes me sad. The video adds a lot of things to the video. Like, in my opinion, Skrillex’s videos scare the crap out of me. I try not watching them. But there are a lot of different videos and songs that are inspirational for different reasons. Here are a few. I will probably put up a few different additions to this, because my list was pretty long.
1.) How To Save A Life- The Fray

I mean, have you seen this video? I like the effort behind the video, it’s nice. But for me, what hits home is the way they tell the story. Every time I hear it, I feel like I’m trying to talk one of my own friends out of suicide. It’s a good song as far as quality and amazing in morals.
2.) Civil War- Guns N’ Roses

“What’s so civil about war anyways?” Asks Guns N’ Roses. A lot of this video is from the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’. I haven’t seen it, but my history teacher is always telling me how awesome it is. I’m pretty sure it will be, because I am going to watch it soon.
You don’t forget the first time you hear a really amazing song. I was cleaning out my mom’s car and trying to find something good on the radio. I know Axl Rose’s voice anywhere, and I did back then. I came in listening during the very last part. And I loved it.
3.) If Today Was Your Last Day- Nickelback

Most people don’t like Nickelback. Que sera sera. But you cannot watch this video and have some pride in this band. It makes you wonder yourself, “What WOULD I do?” In the beginning, I bet you too will underestimate these men. Just keep watching. Looks can be deceiving.
4.) Mirrors- Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars

Many people will automatically look down on this because it’s Hip Hop/ Rap. But if you listen to it, it’s talking about a story of a man who’s not 100% happy with what’s happened in his life, but he looks at it and see’s who he really is. The video isn’t very special, but I love the MJ reference and it makes me tear up every time. I love Bruno Mars and Lil Wayne.
5.) Lighters- Bad Meets Evil and Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars again! Bad Meets Evil is a rap duo consisting of Eminem and Royce da 5’9”. I like this song because it’s talking about the ups and downs of the music world, the world in general, and people who worked through it to make it to the top. Notice Royce says he’s second best and fine with it. I love Eminem’s lyrics; he’s amazing and fits things together brilliantly.
6.) Unity – Shinedown

This song was crazy good! I mean, it’s Shinedown! Their new album rocks, by the way. This video shows none of the band, which if you watch, just shows that this video meant something to them. A little girl goes from place to place taking pictures of people she sees with her small camera. Everytime she takes a picture, she keeps it for a collage she makes. Maybe the song isn’t quite about this, but watching the video, I was watching till the end with tense wonder. I love it!
7.) For The Nights I Can’t Remember- Hedley

Talking about a girl who is there for you through everything only happens so often, whether it is the girl’s fault or the man’s. But Jacob Hoggard definitely gives this girl credit, whoever she REALLY is. It shows him going through struggles, and girl waits just long enough for him to leave before he gets back. So he sits down, and writes her a song. There’s a lot of cute meaning in this song, and I love the slow pulse that it has. Singing along is really fun, but beware, it will get stuck in your head.
8.) Invincible- Hedley and P. Reign

I like Hedley, a lot. Here in America, I don’t know many people how appreciate true good Canadian music. But Hedley makes a lot of it. This song, relatively new, comes with a great meaning and a great video. The first girl that they show has a blanket full of insults that people have called her. There is a girl who has been teased because of her weight. And they both find love. The first girl is actually very, very pretty in my mind. I also noticed she was wearing a Bowie shirt. I don’t think those words were appreciated from anyone. The ‘fat’ girl, isn’t much bigger than I am, and when you see her face, she smiles and just that part inspires me, just to see somebody with those struggles smiling in the face of it. I love the energy Jacob puts into it to sing it, and I love the song in general.


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