The Matter At Hand

Every time I think I’m going to pick this website back up, I fall out of routine. But now that school has started back up, while that means two AP classes and lots of homework, I am determined to make this the best year this blog has ever seen!

And where else better to start than a Monday?

I haven’t been listening to a whole lot of new music, but I’m pretty excited for tomorrow, which will be the release of The Nearly Dead’s newest EP, Survival Guide, their first record out since their signing with Standby Records! I personally can’t wait to play “Changeover” multiple times in sucession. If you guys missed them on 102.9 the Buzz, you will soon know why I love the studio recording of that just as much.

Speaking of which, check out their lyric video for “Brave”, which will be playing at 2pm on 102.9 all week!


Also, for those of you in the area or with enough gas money, The Nearly Deads EP release show will be Friday, August 23rd, at the Rutledge in Nashville, 7pm. No cover charge people! Although I recommend bringing $6 for the EP!

Today, Grace Jeanette (AKA Girl from Na Na Na and Sing) released her cover of “The Light Behind Your Eyes” by My Chemical Romance which was really amazing to listen to because she got to live part of Danger Days with the band, and so this was really an emotional cover for me.


And that basically sums up my Monday music. I’ll try to make up for the weeks I was gone by reviewing all the videos and such that came out, so be prepared.


Those of you that are still supporting me, thank you.


Radium Rollercoaster


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