Hot Chelle Rae: Honestly Just Doesn’t Care

Hot Chelle Rae! A new and upcoming band from Nashville, TN!
I remember having Bleed on my Ipod, although I can’t remember where I got it or why. I don’t even think I listened to it. I just skipped it, imagining someday I’d take it off my Ipod. Then I had someone tell me it was good. Again I blew it off.
Now I listen to it a good deal. I really like Hot Chelle Rae, mostly because of the energy in their music and catchy tunes. Today I listened to “Honestly”, Hot Chelle Rae’s HOTTTT new single.
Here’s the video!

I disliked this girl from the very beginning. I mean, I would be sitting with that boy beating him at a video game if I was his girlfriend ;D But that’s just me. I like games. And I would NEVER do that stupid crap that she did. Just pointing that out.

I like the song! What about you? Do you think her actions were justified?

XoXo Radium Rollercoaster


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  1. Hot Chelle Rae. Sigh. First reason to love them- they come from a town very close to my own. Yay for Tennessee. Second reason they have substance. I first learned about them via my friend who went to an owl city concert. Hot chelle Rae opened for them. I approve.

  2. No I haven’t actually. I will have to check that out. Thanks Radium.

    • No problem AshTree and in regards to Papa Roach, do you listen to Sick Puppies or Three Days Grace? Alot of those bands are hooked together (Skillet and Breaking Benjamin included) but there are plenty others out there! Puddle Of Mudd and Trapt too. Just some ideas to throw out there!
      XoXo Radium Rollercoaster

  3. My friends listen to a lot of those bands but I kept forgetting their names. I love rain by breaking Benjamin. Trapt is awesome. Looking up songs right now.

    • Sweetness! šŸ™‚ I love music, I’m constantly just clicking around YouTube or Jango for new tunes. My worst enemy is when I forget the lyrics to a song and never find it D: It makes me want to cry. That’s why I carry around a music journal now. Like I was able to find this cool song a guy did for my school’s talent show because I wrote down a few lines of the song. If you have any ideas for my blog go ahead and shoot.
      Oh, by the way AshTree, you should text everyone you know, or facebook, or something, and get me some views! Your’s alone are almost topping my ‘most popular day’. That’s awesome!
      XoXo Radium Rollercoaster

  4. hi love your music you so cool this is shoot shoot

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