Korn and Skrillex blow our minds: Twice!

I’ve been a fan of Korn for years, as I am still growing up with a heavy metal dad. I was never a huge, die-hard fan, but I never denied how awesome they were. In fact, I always thought they were amazing! Then a few months ago I was introduced to Skrillex. One of the best bands to be introduced to ever!
This year at the Grammy’s, Adele took home the only Grammy Skrillex was nominated for, Artist of The Year. I was more than angry at this, for three good reasons. 1) She had already won other Grammy’s, and that definitely seems unfair. 2) There are not enough people open to Dubstep, just because it’s a new style of music. 3) In one year, Adele may have won over the young people of America, but Skrillex won over someone more important: A band that knows what they’re doing and has been doing it for years. In one year, Skrillex and Korn collaborated on TWO singles.
And if I don’t say so myself, I love them. Jonathan Davis’s voice was made for what he does, but mixing Dubstep and ‘Nu’ Metal was an amazing choice and rocks like no tomorrow!
Don’t believe me? Listen to it! Narcissistic Cannibal and Get Up right now!

I’m putting these on my Music page as well, check that out too!

XoXo Radium Rollercoaster


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  1. Beast, I just started listening to Dubstep and here my favorite old school band jumps in and makes it even more epic!!!!!! Korn/ Skrillex = Epic!!

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