Soundgarden’s New Album

We are deep in anticipation, as a 22 second long- ONLY 22 SECONDS!- snippet of their new song that will be featured on the Avengers movie was recently released by Soundgarden. It is their first released music in 15 years.
I, actually, did not know this. I have a good deal of Soundgarden on my Ipod. My dad has like, a man-crush on Chris Cornell. I don’t blame him, Cornell has an amazing voice. But I never stopped to consider that they hadn’t made music since around the time I was born! It makes me feel very old school.
The snippet doesn’t include vocals, but the rest of the band hasn’t seemed to slow down at all, the music ‘sounded’ (wink wink) right on que.
I’m super excited for The Avengers movie as it is, and I will be waiting quietly and patiently (or maybe not so patient) for Soundgarden to come on. I hope it’s a really epic fight scene!

XoXo Radium Rollercoaster


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  1. Cant wait to hear it….

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