Golden Gods Awards 2013- Corey Taylor

Revolver Magazine was the first music magazine I ever had a subscription to. I realized quickly that I wasn’t nearly as metal as I thought I was, but still enjoyed the magazine. Especially during award time!

This year, I completely forgot about tem until after it was over. I actually didn’t know many of the winners. But watching the footage of Corey Taylor’s victory in the Best Vocalist award was bittersweet, and actually brought me to tears. David Draiman, the lead vocalist of Disturbed and Device presented the award with a great sense of humor.

But it was something else to see Corey Taylor arrive on stage, and barely keep himself composed when he started crying. This man, who has fronted a band that’s scared people like me in past ages, the man who can tour with two of his bands and scream and sing back to back and never lose his voice… This musician has been through over ten albums with both of his bands and done dozens of guest vocals on tracks breaks down over a Golden God Award.

And that means something. It shows humility and it shows that he still has to work for what he has. I think watching this, even if it’s just a few minutes long, opened my eyes because I’ve always looked up to this guy as a vocalist because I always thought he was super hardcore and I loved his music. I think people can learn a lesson from this, honestly.

I just want to say, I have dedicated my life to giving you everything I’ve f**king got. This means to me than anything… Thank you so f**king much.


Radium Rollercoaster


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