The Summer Set: Boomerang Lyric Video

Some songs just get stuck in your head. You try and try but they keep finding their way back to that corner of your mind that has you humming them through hallways and Wal-Marts. That doesn’t mean they’re bad. In fact, the most recent song that I’ve found myself singing is The Summer Set’s “Boomerang”. This song is full of allusions, but I think it’s actually a really cute love song. It’s a upbeat, happy song, and it’s great for dancing.

The song was a good single: catchy, poppy, everything expected for the first song off their new album. I listened to it a few times and enjoyed watching the drum off between Brian and Jess (who just officially opened up about her sexuality, I’m super happy!). But what got me hooked on this song was the adorable lyric video.

I hadn’t even planned on watching this video, but part of it caught my eye. What seems like a boring, normal lyric video turned into the cutest thing I’ve seen in forever. There’s not much criticizing I can do to this video, and not much musical analyzing requiring. I just want you to soak up how adorable this video is.

Much love and I will write more later,


Radium Rollercoaster




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I am a teenage girl who gets by with writing and music. I am in all Honors/AP classes and Marching Band. I play percussion, clarinet, and guitar, and also sing. So I decided to start a blog here about new music of all kinds: styles, bands, and even music scenes. I am a huge fan of quite a few bands. The only one I will mention is My Chemical Romance because it heavily influences the way I write and my personality. The others will have to be saved for my posts. First off, I am here to gain a reputation as a writer and hear about new music. I dislike haters, so if you don't like my music or what I say about your music, I am sorry to have offended you but please don't waste my time. If you have questions, leave a comment :) Thank you. XoXo, Radium Rollercoaster

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