Emersions Debut Interview!

Who knew that the only cool thing to do in Clarksville, Tennessee would require a bicycle?! This weekend Clarksville hosted the annual Tour de Ville, a bike ride from The Coup to Nerdhaus with half a dozen stops in between for different activities. One of the biggest attractors of this bike run was the great communicator: music!

Tour de Ville hosted many different bands over the day, but I went to Nerdhaus with a goal: the debut show of Emersions, a self proclaimed “melodic hardcore” band itself. It was only one show, but I have to give it up; this band is original and motivated. I can hardly describe them, which is a great thing, because that means they are original. Their sound is amazing; in order to set a standard for someone, I said a sophisticated Memphis May Fire, but they’ve got the potential to be way more than that! I watched their set, and all of them have real, raw talent in my opinion.

I interviewed them after their performance, and they were some of the nicest people ever. They’re all pretty young, and so I wouldn’t expect a lot of pride or snootiness from them, but the fact that they were so kind and personable makes me think they’ll go far. Trust me, that is the kinds of things people look for in their favorite bands.

All honesty, I think they’re bringing something new to the table and if they’ve got their minds set on it, they’ll go far and they’ll get there quick. Don’t be surprised to see them on my dash again soon! Go like them on facebook and be prepared when they start releasing music!


Radium Rollercoaster


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