AshTree, Day 2, Back To Back Back To The Future

          Classic movies, along with awesome music, are one of my specialties. And on AshTree’s list happen to be two hits from the hit movie Back to the Future. That movie, without a doubt, is a must-see and a family favorite. My favorite movie of the trilogy is definitely the original, and one of the reasons why is the music. If the complete entirety of the movie isn’t good enough, the music sure is.

            From “Power of Love”, the first song of the movie and my personal favorite by Huey Lewis and the News, to Michael J. Fox’s theatrical accompaniment to Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode”, and AshTree’s favorite, The Penguin’s “Earth Angel”, there’s never a dull musical moment. There’s a song for every occasion, and let me explain why these songs were so good.

The first big scene of Back to the Future is Marty riding on his skateboard through town. With him is the song “Power of Love”. If you know the words to this song, you know you will be singing it, and if you don’t, you’ll be dancing to it. It definitely gets your attention, and it got Huey Lewis and the News’s their first number one hit. It was written specifically for the movie and I love it.

Then, the next two songs are both featured in the dance scene of the movie. “Earth Angel” is actually when everyone is slow dancing. It was a 1954 song, with rhythm and blues touches to a smooth voice. I don’t think many people would catch on to it in this generation because of our standards and attention span, but it’s a great song regardless.

I want to say that the scene where “Johnny B. Goode” is played makes it even more amazing, but I find that incredibly impossible. Chuck Berry is a great musician, and I think the style of Rock and Roll that he expresses in this song is more than just a popular scene from a classic movie, but a song that anyone anytime anywhere can enjoy. I would have it on my IPod if I didn’t already have too many songs in my library.

I’m going to let you, reader, make the executive decision. I think all these songs are worth hearing and the movie is worth watching. (: What do you think?

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster


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  1. Great movie even better songs.Classics all!

  2. I love how upbeat Johnny B. Goode is! I always laugh when it comes on (when I play it on my laptop using my grandpa’s old CD’s haha). Earth Angel is a real contrast. It’s so soft and slow. It makes me want to be a young girl in the fifties, so I could slow-dance to it. Power of Love I remember from the movie. (: Probably the best song they could have made for Back To the Future- it just fits the feel of the movie itself and the characters in it.
    Awesome articles. Keep writing, reviewing, and interviewing!

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