AshTree, Day 1: Dion and the Belmonts

Let’s take a trip, shall we, through the mind of a 15 year old artist who happens to be obsessed with punk-rock and 50’s music at the same time. Let’s take a few days, maybe even a few weeks to observe this music. This strange creature… Honestly though, this girl is a crazy avid fan of mine (and a crazy friend as well), but even my musical library is insignificant in comparison.

Today I listened to Dion and the Belmonts, a quartet pretty famous from the 50’s. Starting with the basics of her favorites, I chose to post my opinions on the tune “Teenager in Love”. This song isn’t your modern catchy song, no heavy guitar or drums, only harmonies and soft bouncy instrumentals. This song really demonstrates the simplicity of good music. The lyrics aren’t complicated and neither are the instrumentals, but the words and music are giving you a good feeling. That’s what music is supposed to do, give you feelings.

The message this song sends almost transcends music and time. Every teenager believes that they are in love at some point of their life. It’s almost natural, and Dion makes this message pretty clear. 60 years have passed and apparently it rings no less true than when it was popular.

Then, for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Cover CD, Red Hot Chili Peppers gave this song a wonderful rendition, sounding almost exactly like the original. Anthony Kiedis does this song a great justice vocally, and the rest of the band follows up well. This song wouldn’t go down on MY forever 50’s list, but tomorrow I’ll talk about a song that did!

Enjoy my dears, and let me know about YOUR music library,

Xoxo Radum Rollercoaster


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  1. I’ll definitely be checking out your blog everyday to see the updates. Hope the list helps you hone your music-reviewing skills. (:
    And Dion and the Belmonts will always be my favorite 50’s band. -Forever a teenager in love.

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