Hard Rock Cafe

Just to start out, you will never not be happy at a Nearly Deads show. I saw them on Friday at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville, along with The Notion, June Divided, and Comasoft. They are touring with June Divided at the moment, so go check out the dates.

Not exactly their fault, the show started very late, and it being a day of school, I know I was already tired when the first band, the Notion came on stage. They had maybe a little TOO much fun performing. I lost a bit of my interest because they fooled around alot, but their music was just as good as anyone else’s, and the adults seemed to enjoy them. Second up was June Divided, whose sound was so professional that I expected them to be performing in a huge arena, not the small room with not more than 50 people. I was really impressed with them and they did what they came to do, and that was play rock music. They weren’t really into image from what I saw, which made the initial impression even greater when they started playing. Comasoft, a band with real personality and energy, came up third, and the crowd was a little more responsive to Jay’s jumping around, and almost dying by jumping on a piano. They are electronic rock with a hint of 1980’s but all fun.

The Nearly Deads…what do I say about them this time? Oh,yeah, they rock and always will. It’s a great transformation from everyday, really awesome people, to out of this world rock stars when they hit the stage. They had a photoshoot before the show (with brand new shoes!) and their first official encore, where they played The Changeover- which seems to be a fan favorite. And it was also the premier of a brand new song, Brave. I loved the performance as always, and staying up till 2 am was worth it.

Check out these photos that my new friend Maria took with her phone!

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Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster


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