One More Time!

So, AshTree’s segment needs to be rebooted! I’ll try to pick that back up. My hectic schedule and my laziness is a horrid combination, for the record. But, someone has been the complete opposite! Matt Mcnulty, working with his partner in crime and bandmate Will Tenney and two other great musicans, has come up from scratch with a cover of Maroon 5’s “One More Night”. Don’t get me wrong, the original was amazing (I love Maroon 5 and Adam Levine’s talent is outstanding). I love it so much in fact I will post it on here as well! It has a great beat, although I digress that most of Maroon 5’s lyrics are similar.

This cover was definitely innovative, while keeping the sound really close to Maroon 5’s, Matt and what I will refer to as the gang for this article all contributed vocally and the diversity wasn’t really enough to be distracting but still they were all unique enough to be differentiated. Also, if you listen to the beginning, you can hear a wicked guitar part that’s not in the original. If anything, the video is amusing as well.

Specifically I loved what they did with Christine Galante!

Check them out! Now!

Xoxo Radium


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