The Nearly Deads Survival Guide

The Nearly Deads provide YOU with the necessary tool to overcome the apocalypse.

What’s the best way to breakthrough (again) in the music scene of Nashville?

To release a new EP of course! Back in August, one of the most upcoming bands in Music City, The Nearly Deads, did just that. Survival Guide has songs new and old, including a beautiful “Reanimated” recording of their biggest song thus far, “Never Look Back”.


Previous fans will be familiar with some of the songs on Survival Guide such as the driving anthem and aforementioned most popular song, “Never Look Back” as well as the fighting “Reasons” and powerful “Fact or Friction”. But we are also graced with two songs that haven’t been recorded yet. “Brave” could possibly take the ‘anthem’ position away from “Never Look Back” with it’s huge sound and inspiring lyrics, it invokes the lion-hearted warrior in everyone. “Changeover” is fun and strong, a dancing song with great rhythm. All in all, this EP primes The Nearly Deads for the full length they  have planned, their first ever.

The Nearly Deads wrapping up the newest full length. The release date? SOON.

The Nearly Deads wrapping up the newest full length. The release date? SOON.

For the occasion I asked twitter fans what they wanted to know, and delved a little for myself into what we’ll be expecting.

  1. What kind of sound can we be expecting from this new album?

“It will be a little more on the pop-punk side. We’re getting away from the darker more heavy sounds and just having fun. There will still be tons of grit and a lot of grunge influences, but the whole vibe is a lot more punk. We’re really excited about it.”

2. So, for the fans, it is a full length album this time, right?

“Yes. We were originally opposed to a second EP, but it was something our label convinced us we had to do. We feel like we disappointed a few fans by only releasing two new songs after such a long wait. That won’t happen again!”

3. The infamous question; “Why the name ‘The Nearly Deads'”?

“The band formed in Florida about 4 years ago. There’s a saying about FL that it is “home of the newly-weds and the nearly-Deads”. The Nearly Deads sounded punk and cool enough to be our band name, and it pays homage to our home. It’s basically a big inside joke about all the old people hahaha”
4. Do you have any aspirations for international tours in the near future? A few requests that have been going around on twitter are Belgium, England, and Brazil!
“Absolutely! We want to travel the world and see some of our amazing international fans. We have such a big online fan base thanks to our YouTube success. We’re lucky to have so many people want to see us live. It’s very expensive for a DIY band of our size to tour internationally, so we need all our fans to keep spreading the word so we can start traveling!”
5. You recently hit 50,000 followers on Facebook; how did it feel? 

“It’s a little surreal! Just seeing where we’ve come from and having so many fans follow us over the years feels amazing. There are people who were around when we had 500 likes that still support us and share our music. Honestly it feels like we’re not stopping anytime soon, that this music is bigger than just us, that there are people out there who care and who want to see us succeed. And the best part is that we’ve earned it all by staying true to ourselves. One day we will reach success and we will know its because we were genuine and honest and we have always respected the fact that our fans keep us going. We’d be nothing without our zombies!”

With influences from all ranges on the genre spectrum, The Nearly Deads have developed a sound too mature to fit in with the generic pop-punk bands of the 21st century, a sound they’ve deigned “polished grunge”. And now that they’ve maneuvered their first national tour and a deal with Standby Records, they’re ready to take over the world. Watch out, the zombies are coming!


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