Matt Nathanson’s “Kinks Shirt”

In the music industry as it stands today, there are two ways to make a popular music video: you entertain, or you send a message. Matt Nathanson and Goldthwait, the director of this video, blend the two purposes in a video that is cute, refreshing, and might still be a little ahead of its time.

The song itself if catchy and fun, but the video is what captures the attention. It shows a sequence of events- walking in a park, eating breakfast- between Matt and a girl, the seriousness of the relationship hinted at by the small wrapped box sitting on an end table. It’s all really normal, albeit amusing, until the last half of the video. We see the girl is a dancer at a club, and Nathanson is sitting supportively in the audience. The peak of the video is when the props are pulled away, most would be surprised to see that she’s transgendered.

Perhaps the most moving, powerful part is that the entire club, including the other males and Nathanson himself, seems happy. No one treats it like it’s out of the ordinary, and they are all clapping proudly.

It’s a small message of equality, but it’s great nonetheless.

And seriously, watch it more than once and it will get stuck in your head.


Radium Rollercoaster


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