New Single: Love, Sex, Death

Right after punk-pop band Fall Out Boy released their newest album, Save Rock And Roll, they are back again before their tour is even over with the album PAX AM Days, a punk/hardcore based album.

Both Fall Out Boy and their counterparts Panic! At The Disco received wide criticism for their seemingly drastic sound changes, but the release of “Love, Sex, Death”, the first single off of PAX AM Days proves that Fall Out Boy will never conform to one sound. Moreover, this single proves that Fall Out Boy- including vocalist Patrick Stump- is capable of playing any genre.

The other half of the Fall Out Boy fanbase- the people who turned their noses up at Save Rock and Roll- will definitely love this single for it’s punk influences. The off-timing, the rough vocals that Patrick Stump brings and the driving beat pulls away from their recent pop rock sound and pulls them into uncharted territory, only barely tapped into in From Under The Cork Tree.

So, what is the verdict? Does Fall Out Boy have the chance of winning over more hearts or was this a sour move on their part?


Radium Rollercoaster


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