La La La La La!

I’m back, finally!

Things around here died out thoroughly and quickly, but I can’t say I was surprised. I needed to plan ahead and actually do my research: in short, I didn’t put in the kind of work that I should have. Which I can promise will happen once school starts, but today I’m writing for an entirely different reason.

Last month I celebrated the birthday of two people that have been in my life for quite some time. However, today is the birthday of someone important to me who hasn’t been around for so long. A friend who has been on both the giving and receiving end of numerous pep talks, compliments, late night talks, and music suggestions. I don’t know when we even started talking, it was like suddenly we were good friends and had always supported each other. This was the guy who was always capturing my attention by playing his guitar and singing in percussion class, when we both had other things to do.

This guy is Devin, or Screamingpsychos: the alias he took on in the first few weeks we had talked. I remember the strangeness of him asking me how I started my music blog, because I never thought it was something people paid attention to, let alone would come to me for advice with. I wasn’t sure what to tell him except the little that I did, but I think my support for him is what cultivated our friendship.

When I choose to support someone, I support them fully. I know some talented people, and I have a tendency to just completely express my adoration for and belief in them. It’s an all-in thing for me, I really give them all the help and encouragement I can. And I literally can not count the amount of people that really don’t ever notice and appreciate that. Devin did, and he never stops reminding me that I’m ‘important’.

This guy astounds me in so many different ways. He is one of the best guitarists, vocalists, lyricists, and flat-out one of the best writers I personally know. I have dozens- entirely too many- of photos of his lyrics on my phone, and hear me out. The way this guy writes his articles are awesome; fluency, a great vocabulary, and always a very personal yet unique take on whatever he is listening to. But his lyrics are even better. He always writes from a personal perspective, but unlike some artists, he is able to make it someone else’s perspective if he wants, make us believe he’s been places and done things he really hasn’t. They’re always emotional and the way they’re structured is so different from the cookie-cutter template that most “song-writers” are used to. It’s fresh and it’s like stepping into another person’s shoes…like real storytelling that we don’t hear in music anymore. And those are just his words. Give him a mic or a guitar, or even both and the result is amazing. He listens to a wide range of music, and he can play with just as much variety and talent. His composition skills are great, especially for someone that never took lessons from someone else in playing or writing.

Not to mention this guy can talk to you about virtually any kind of music for hours on end. He talks circles around me with his music knowledge, it’s honestly kind of hard to keep up sometimes. He just really, truly loves music with all his heart. He’s always doing research, whether it’s a new band or learning more about a band he enjoys. He pays attention to their members, their influences, he breaks down their music into emotions, but he also stresses the importance of the more technical parts of music, which is awesome.

I think something even more interesting about Devin is his strength of character. He always sticks with what he believes in, even in difficult situations. He’s the kind of guy you’d imagine would make it big in music because he actually just wants to play music and make a change in people. He really wants to make a difference, and he’s always working to improve himself, both in life and his music. He’s always there when I need to talk, and he accepts that sometimes I’m in a real crap mood and I don’t really know why.

So, there’s not much else to be told. In a few years he’ll be out there touring, whether it’s with a band or by himself, making music and appreciating his fans. I think everyone should keep an eye out for him, and be expecting to hear more on here from me when he starts recording music more often! I hope this is one of those musicians that get the recognition they deserve, and one of the friends I get to keep for a lifetime.

Happy birthday Devin 🙂

Just half a dozen songs on my YouTube playlist that are courtesy of Devin 😀

Oh, and then there’s this one.


Radium Rollercoaster


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  1. Wow….just wow. I really don’t know nor have the words to explain how happy this post made me. Truly, it was quite shocking for me to read this. I always thought I had a little bit of an impact on you Radium, but I never knew it was this much. I do what I do and write the way I write and write not only for myself, but for you and my hopefully future fans. That is the way it always has been and that is the way it always will be. Changing lives and helping fix broken ones is what I live for. I don’t know any other way to do that other than through my music. I have always preached that to you because I never want you to forget that, and I also want you to never let ME forget that. You and hopefully the future fans. I want them to hold me accountable. I work for you all and music. That’s what it’s all about for me. Your passion and support for me and my career keep me going and working every single day. Thank you again Radium. I LOVE YOU SWEETIE! 🙂

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