Happy Birthday Lindsey!

I may never be a ‘popular’ website, but the number of things I’ve achieved would have never been possible without my influences; my friends and family that have helped me through tough spots and done more for me than I could have ever possibly asked. Today is the birthday of one of these people: my best friend Lindsey. The only time I’ve ever mentioned her on this site was when I took her to the Set It Off show and she played camera girl. But her help and influence has been part of my musical interest since we were in 6th grade.

When we met, we had very similar taste. (Her favorite band was Slipknot, and they intimidated me, but I got over that eventually). We both liked rock music and had parents that accepted all the things we listened to. Hell, our parents showed us all this music that other parents usually ban from their houses. I don’t have some extravagant story about her showing me a band that changed my life or me being an influence on her (although I did find Call Me Anything!), but she took me to my one and only Avenged Sevenfold- with Bullet For My Valentine and Three Days Grace- show and that is still one of my fondest memories.

So, in token to her, I’m making a playlist of some songs for you guys to enjoy. She’s very diverse but I think she’s got good taste ;D

Happy birthday ❤


Radium Rollercoaster






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