Father’s Day!

My father is the best. Among other things, many, many other things- he was the number one influence on my musical taste. I had a lot of help over the years, but it always seemed like he was one step ahead of my interests. Thinking about it now, it was his influence on me that helped me make a lot of friends. Another thing that makes my dad great is how accepting- without some satire I admit- he always was of the music I thought was important. So, as a bit of a tribute and a thanks, here are some songs that remind me of him.

This song was the first of my indoctrination to My Chemical Romance. I remember listening to this and Dad talking about how it sounded like Green Day. And then, when he bought me my first MCR band tee, he put a CD in the player and started blaring this song. It was really awesome.

So, my dad doesn’t have this song on record that I know of, but every time someone gets him started on Pearl Jam he always mentions the beginning of this song.

Any of you remember Isles & Glaciers? They weren’t the first band to take great vocalists and put them together into a single band. I’m sure my dad felt the same way when two of his favorite vocalists came together for Temple of the Dog. Seriously, the guy fangirls over Chris Cornell sometimes (love you Daddy!)

And since I mentioned Chris Cornell, I will leave one of my favorite Soundgarden songs here.


Seriously though, I’ve got the best dad ever 🙂

Happy Fathers Day everyone.


Radium Rollercoaster


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